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Recruiting-Qualitative One-on-One (Depth) Interviews Mock Jury Trials Focus Group-Online CX/UX-Customer/User Experience

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Company Description

Civicom® Marketing Research Services is the global leader in providing research technology solutions for project success. We combine full-service support, a commitment to client service excellence, and customizable tools to support your qualitative research needs. Our commitment to clients: Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.

Our services include online and in-person IDI and focus group facilitation, transcriptions and translations, respondent recruitment, a mobile insights app, an online community platform and video curation. Quillit, our AI report-generating tool, gives you summaries and answers to specific questions in minutes instead of hours.

Quillit ai is an AI report-generating tool for qualitative marketing researchers that lets you reduce report writing time by 80%, Quillit helps jump-start your client report by quickly delivering responses to your questions and queries and providing you with first draft summaries to review and enhance with your own insights and perceptions from your research.

Civicom CyberFacility® lets you conduct IDIs and focus groups with quality and expertise. This qualitative interview platform integrates our proprietary audio conferencing technology with secure web rooms hosted in our private cloud. With CyberFacility, you can get in-depth insights, present multiple pieces of stimuli, and elevate your online sessions for moderators and respondents located anywhere in the world.

CCam® focus is a portable 360° HD recording and streaming solution with built-in insights tools to simplify in-person and hybrid qualitative research. CCam technology is designed to deliver the essential views that your project and team need. Capture immersive views of your respondents from multiple angles and gather focus group insights through video that captures a better perspective on respondent thinking.

Civicom Mock Jury Services delivers leading-edge technology with our full-support mindset to help legal firms and trial consultants build a winning trial strategy. Test and evaluate trial theories and arguments in an online, in-person, or hybrid setting. Leverage integrated video curation tools, survey capabilities, transcription services, and multi-language translation. Our mock jury solution enables you to simulate a real-life trial experience in a live setting.

CiviSelect is the recruiting arm of Civicom Marketing Research Services. Our goal is to deliver better respondents that yield better data. With a broad understanding of local customs in many markets, clients can count on CiviSelect's industry experience and technical expertise in recruitment to get the most qualified respondents for their marketing research projects.

TranscriptionWing is Civicom's specialized transcription unit, providing accurate audio and video transcripts, machine transcript clean-up services, and Excel analysis grids. Our team of experts delivers top-quality transcripts trusted by research professionals across diverse industries, helping them gain insights that drive real-world impact.

Glide Central® is our multimedia curation tool for managing, storing, and sharing project deliverables. Review and tag your video and audio, edit transcripts, bookmark important points, create clips, and develop storyboards to create a compelling narrative from your qualitative data. Share collaboration rights with your colleagues to move projects faster. With seamless integration with our Quillit ai report-genrating tool, Glide Central is the ideal solution for optimizing data analysis.

Civicom ChatterBox is an online community platform that offers a wide variety of self-directed activities, such as open-ended responses, sort and rank tasks, multiple choice, polls, fill-in-the-blanks, videos, audio files, and more. This platform equips researchers with respondent segmentation features, live chat, gamification elements, and robust analytics and reporting capabilities. The ChatterBox team can also ensure your discussion guide fits your research design before programming it.

Civicom See Me Navigate is a qualitative solution for mobile website and app usability testing. It enables researchers to observe and probe respondents’ online navigation habits while they navigate a website or an application. Clients can watch the UX interview in real-time while also hearing the live conversation between the moderator and the respondent.

ThoughtLight® mobile insights app lets you gather respondent feedback containing a great deal of sentiment. Gather in-the-moment insights through audio, video, photo, and text responses to better understand respondents’ surroundings and experiences. Obtain verified real-time responses using the app's robust geofencing and geolocation features and get rich, ethnographic data for your mobile research project.

With Civicom, we ensure you get the best of both worlds – technology and people. Civicom is renowned for our quality of support and dedication to clients through our motto, “Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.”

Year Established:   2000

Number of Employees:   500

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P.O. Box 4689
Greenwich, CT 06831
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Annie McDannald, Global Vice President, Marketing Research Services
  • 203-413-2423
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Affiliations & Certifications
AMA (United States) | American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC) | British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA) | Data & Marketing Association (DMA) | ESOMAR (International) | Insight Innovation eXchange (IIeX) | Insights Association (United States) | Intellus | MREF | Market Research Society (MRS) | Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) | Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA) | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States)