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Code verbatims with precision using human-led AI.

codeit is a leading-edge tool that blends together cutting-edge AI with human oversight to support human-AI collaboration on Coding, maximizing quality, improving productivity and minimizing effort.

codeit has a range of flexible features you can use to accurately and efficiently analyze your verbatim data whatever size and shape your survey may be. Used by market research agencies, coding providers and in-house researchers.

Automated Theme Discovery

Using the latest AI techniques, codeit can automatically extract the themes within your verbatim data at the click of a button. Use these themes to build a draft codeframe or explore the themes using our “themeit” tool. Either way, codeit gives you full control so you can quickly and easily refine, adjust and curate the results.

Machine Learning

codeit learns as you work. As you code verbatims, codeit automatically applies advanced deep learning to build an AI model that understands the exact ins and outs of your particular project and the nuance of how you want your data to be categorized. This model can then be used to autocode the remaining uncoded data (or new uncoded data that is imported later).

Sentiment Analysis

The “themeit” tool within codeit automatically applies sentiment analysis to each verbatim to assign a sentiment score to each theme detected. codeit uses a 5-point sentiment score for each aspect with a verbatim. codeit also provides aggregate summary measures of sentiment (e.g. Sentiment Score, Polarisation, Extreme Reaction) - for those situations that just require “a single number”.

Data Integration

Connect codeit directly to your survey platform to reduce the friction of exporting and importing data feeds for coding. Using codeit’s “Data Links” technology you can seamlessly and effortlessly synchronize data between your survey platform and codeit.

Optimized Coding Interface

Designed and refined in collaboration with real-world coders over many years, the codeit user interface is unrivaled in its ease of use and efficiency. It is packed with features that make manual coding or refining ultra efficient.

Team collaboration 

codeit provides a platform that makes managing large coding projects smoother and easier. Projects are hosted in a shared cloud application which makes collaboration easy and secure. Coding work can be delegated at a granular level so your coders can work concurrently and get your project finished in much less time.

Multilingual projects

codeit makes it easy to handle multilingual projects. When you upload data, codeit allows you to manually or auto translate your verbatims. Alternatively, codeit can delegate work on a language basis, if you need native language speakers to code your data.

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Year Established:   2016

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115 Hampstead Road
London NW1 3EE
United Kingdom
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Tim Brandwood, CEO
Rudy Bublitz, Director of Sales
  • 44-20-3920-9258
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