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Alan Hale is the founder of Consight Marketing Group LLC. Consight was created as a combination of consulting and VOC research insights. He has an MBA in marketing and 40 years of experience with 250+ projects helping companies in business-to-business markets grow. He has had significant experience with market research firms and consulting firms prior to founding CMG. He is also a contributing author to the Quirk's Magazine.

Philosophy and practice areas

This extensive consulting background is combined with voice of the customer research to develop customer specific insights which are used to develop actionable strategies and tactics. This effort becomes an investment rather than just an expense.

Some of the voice of the customer research we do is customer satisfaction and loyalty, NPS, developing go-to-market strategies, lost customer analysis, new market assessments, branding and positioning research, new product/service validation, channel strategy, M&A marketing due diligence, etc.

Engagements are across a wide variety of industries from start ups to Fortune 500 firms; from capital equipment to consumables, from high-tech to mature products.

Because we believe in insights, not just data, we conduct in-depth probing phone interviews lasting 25-30 minutes. With the client’s assistance, we have an 82% response rate.

Benefits of utilizing VOC research

Some benefits of conducting VOC research:

  • It is actual insight, not just what senior management thinks or what the sales reps say.
  • We will have management take a modified survey to determine the degree of alignment with their customers.
  • You can get the product, market or service to market quicker thereby generating profit earlier.
  • You can minimize channel conflict.
  • You maximize your chance of success with the right value proposition and user segmentation.
  • Your company focuses on the true levers for success.
  • Management, we believe should visit, learn and listen to customers to internalize insights into the DNA of the organization.

Benefits of working with Consight Marketing Group

What are the benefits of working with Consight™ Marketing Group?

  • You are working with experienced researchers and consultants in business-to-business.
  • We only do business-to-business.
  • You won’t see us disappear; we will communicate with you regularly through the process.
  • We partner with you and are interested more in the long-term relationship than just the project.
  • You will deal with the most senior managers not junior people.
  • We are easy to work with as long as it does not jeopardize the integrity of the research.
  • You will get unfiltered feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Insights and data can be utilized to make effective decisions and implementation of initiatives.
  • We tell you what we think and give you our recommendations which are based both on the research and insights from working on other projects.
  • We will tell you if we can add value. If we cannot, many times we can refer you to the right party. We want to provide the highest ROI possible.

Call Alan at 847-800-1685 or e-mail him at

Year Established:   2015

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6104 W. Warwick Ave., Suite 101
Chicago, IL 60634-2551
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Alan W. Hale, President
  • 847-800-1685
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