Customer Foresight Group, Limited

Toronto, ON, CA

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Company Description

Customer Foresight Group Limited is a Canadian market research firm providing customized and primary market research to private sector companies in North America and around the world. Our primary research methodologies are competitor research and analysis, B2B mystery shopping and in-depth interviews. Key business sectors include financial institutions and SaaS platform providers. Most of our work is in the B2B arena but we also do research in the consumer sector. Contact us for a quote: or 416-651-0143.

Year Established:   1999

Research Services and Specializations

Industries, Markets and Audiences Served

111 Pacific Ave., Suite 1513
Toronto, ON M6P 2P2
Customer Contact(s):
Enrico Codogno, President
  • 416-651-0143
  • 877-350-0143
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