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Toronto, ON, CA

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Company Description

There’s more to life than baby-sitting research studies and scrubbing IDs. With innovative products like dtect, we take the hard work out of your research, so that you can focus on growing your business. dtect merges purpose-built mobile app technology with intelligent supply monitoring to bring you a first of its kind tool that provides oversight, alerts, and corrective action to ensure your market research is on point. dtect watches your projects so you don’t have to.

dtect focuses on just one component of your operations – supply. Supply is everything to your business. Therefore, supply is everything to our business. That’s why we do it so well. Here are all the ways dtect makes your life easier:

  • Adjust your mix of supply to ensure you deliver the most real completes in the least amount of time
  • Watch trends in survey traffic and react instinctively
  • Onboard supply quickly in race-to-the-finish projects
  • Achieve a strong conversion rate without cutting into your margins
  • Deliver on niche B2B studies

We make it easy for you to decide it dtect is the right fit for your research process. Try dtect today with no commitments, no usage limits, no fixed license fees. It’s that simple.

We understand that one app isn’t the answer to all of life’s troubles. But with less stress at the office and more free time outside of it, there’s bound to be a ripple effect.

Year Established:   2021

Number of Employees:   10

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125 Lakeshore Road E
Oakville, ON L6J 1H3
Customer Contact(s):
  • 416-860-0404
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