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Stamford, CT

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Company Description

Old Salt is a strategic, global, boutique insights consultancy. Bringing digital tools to the craft of hands-on practitioners, our process blends qualitative texture with quantitative metrics and the rigor of management consulting to propel practical, impactful business outcomes. 

From coffee in C-Suites to breaking bread in rural villages, our passports support the value of being present – no matter the market or culture chosen to explore. Full-service, custom, primary research – anchoring every project with agency for our clients. Shoring brand, product, comms and strategy research across your idea’s migration from inception to actualization. We deliver custom, primary, ad hoc designs for various commercial research needs:

Imagine and chart: White space identification + innovation planning | Business sase + opportunity assessment | Segmentation + targeting
Build and launch: Brand, product and messaging architecture | Positioning + territory buildout | Pricing, pack and feature development
Sail and steer: Customer satisfaction tracking | Journey mapping + experience management | Communications curation + measurement

Qualitative –  Experience and emotion • Traditional discussion groups (mini, peer-depth, dyads, triads, etc.) • In-depth interviewing (consumer, expert, executive, stakeholder) • Consumer immersions (labs, safaris, journalism, intercepts, video diaries) • Ethnography (in-situ, shop-along, journey) • Communities (forums, Panels, Incubator labs, VR/AI) • Mobile and social (diaries, excursions, tracking, curation, homework exercises, content scraping) • Semiotics • Usability/UX

Quantitative –  Precision and measurement • Segmentation • Attitude and usage • Occasion and journey frameworks • Advanced analytics (trade-off, conjoint, MaxDiff, regression, cluster, discriminant, factor, TURF) • Branding, messaging and ad testing (equity, positioning, performance) • Concept, product, message testing • Portfolio optimization • Customer satisfaction • Modeling (volume forecasting, structural equation, econometric) • Pricing/bundling/elasticity • Tracking programs (brand, campaign) • UX/form factor

Consulting –  Direction and planning • Workshops and strategy planning • Brand and sales planning • Innovation incubators and co-creation labs • Synthesis and data integrations • Activations and installations • Stakeholder training and dentiment tracking

Year Established:   2019

Number of Employees:   10-15

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10 Brookside Park
Greenwich, CT 06870
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Kevin Kruper, Founding Partner
  • 203-455-4450
  • 978-460-8826
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Affiliations & Certifications
CASRO | ESOMAR (International) | Insights Association (United States) | LIMRA