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Company Description

We are experts in automating surveys and PowerPoint reports. Our mission is to help our clients to be as efficient as possible. Automated routine work = Increased profitability. We have been doing this for more than 20 years. We can safely state that our relationship to surveys and automation is a strong and lasting relationship – not without a certain amount of passion.

Ambition to streamline your research processes?

We analyse your organisation’s current survey & reporting process and find ways to save time and money, reduce errors and deliver reports faster.

You choose if you want to use our platform or let us do the job from scripting your survey to report creation.

Powerpoint report automation

Do you spend hours manually creating charts for your PowerPoint reports?

Have you tried PowerPoint charting automation the old way by setting up static page by page solutions?

There is a smarter way!

We provide something new - with much more potential. We help you build automations that can be re-used in all your studies.

Our PowerPoint reports supports:

  • Your PowerPoint theme
    (colours, fonts and images)
  • Native PowerPoint charts
    (not images, adjustable charts)
  • All the statistical calculations you need
    (Significance, Correlation, Percent positive/top2, 0-100 scale convertion, difference compared to previous study etc)
  • Multiple reports from one study
    (1000 reports – no problem!)
  • Multi language study
    (10 different languages in one project – no problem!)

Survey and Report Platform 

Use a survey platform built for professional researchers. Implementation is always included – we help you streamline your entire process from survey creation to reports.

We’ve built our platform from the ground up to safely handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR. This means personal is data is always flagged and kept from unintentional handling or exports.

Built in AI

Our platform is integrated with OpenAI to enable

- AI Analysis - Let AI write texts about your tables and charts or create interesting headlines and insights.

- AI Verbatim analysis

- AI Translate your survey or report into any language

Reporting service

The best way to get started is to let our team of automation experts help you before you start using the platform. It’s your choice if we should help you only with the reporting or also with the survey scripting and field work.

All we need to automate your Powerpoints is:

  • Data from your survey (SPSS or Excel)
  • Your organisation’s PowerPoint theme/design
  • Example of how you usually present your studies

Year Established:   2002

Number of Employees:   8

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Hornsgatan 24
Stockholm 118 20
Customer Contact(s):
Jonas Ortman, CEO
  • 0046855693650
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Surveyföreningen (Sweden) | Swedish Insighters (Sweden)