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SampleNinja LLC

Austin, TX

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Company Description

SampleNinja is the only fit for purpose pioneering panel management platform which effortlessly tackles the current challenges and legacy issues around quality, security, scalability and speed that exist within the panel/sample industry. Imagine dynamically profiling a panelist to ensure 100% fully data hydrated panel, intelligent auto-sampling and quota balancing, the ability to manage unlimited sub-panel environments and geo-clusters/heat maps of project completes. Easy granular level control and analysis of your panel and panelists effortlessly improves operational efficiency.

Launched in Feb 2019, with considerable personal investment and bootstrapping, SampleNinja’s mission is to create a truly modern and fit for purpose panel management platform that allows the creation of the best quality driven panels and subsequently the best verified panelists in the market research ecosystem, using technology and fresh thinking to win.

Imagine a panel management tool that instantly delivers on your wish list!

An API first strategy

SampleNinja is a quick and clean SPA (single page application) that offers incredible speed when running the platform. More importantly, it has been designed, from the bottom up, to facilitate a full platform API. This means that the whole panel management production environment can be fully automated using any of the 800+ API platform endpoints. The unparalleled level of API functionality offers seamless integration to external processes, eliminates security risks when passing data through hackable URL links and enables tech savvy clients to programmatically enhance their production workflow.

Instant panel hydration

The dynamic profiling innovation offered elegantly eliminates one of the biggest headaches to any panel owner globally by seamlessly ensuring panel hydration for all panelist data and simultaneously eliminating legacy panelist update questionnaires. Considered a ‘dream come true feature’ eliminating panelist fatigue and providing a positive panelist experience, our clients love it. This sparkling innovation allows a panel owner to ask a series of pop-up questions on the exit page of a panel survey or when logging into the client portal, either on the basis of key missing data variables (once populated these data variables ensures a panelist is eligible for all survey invites) or based on the age of respondent's data (i.e. re-ask the respondent about their phone/car/relationship status every six months, etc). Any automated enhancement that keeps the panelist engaged (and profitable) for longer and ultimately improves their positive experience and reduces churn, both important given the high costs of panel recruitment.

Intelligent Auto Sampling

SampleNinja’s Intelligent Auto-Sampling has eradicated a multitude of legacy workflow issues: drawing a static sample list, sending survey invites, under-represented quota cells and multiple iterations of these highly manual steps. The effortless elimination of constant quality failures around refilling missing quota cells has been hailed as a game changer by our clients (no over sampling and unnecessary incentive costs linked to these dated practices). Intelligent Auto-Sampling –  based on complex algorithms and the history of each quota cell completion rate –  dynamically throttles, adjusts and monitors all the invites on a cellular level. This ensures that projects are as close to perfect to the match required quota balance targets and increases a client’s projects gross margin which avoids achieving up to 105+% of targets. Over time the machine learning improves at predicting cell completion characteristics on a granular level, ensuring even less unnecessary overage (and the associated costs).

Multiple communities (sub-panel heaven)

The possibility of having multiple and unlimited sub-panel communities, each offering its own portal interface (and app).

Each sub-panel community delivers:

A unique recruitment questionnaire.
Recruitment statistics.
Community based security and fraud detection features.
Dynamic profiling hydration reporting of key data variables.

Making panels really work and ROI!

SampleNinja are on a clear mission to clean up panelist quality and help our clients deliver by using the best quality panels and panelists.

We are fully committed to driving the ultimate panelist experience using the latest technologies: investing in our staff, going beyond poor quality standards others deem acceptable.

Year Established:   2019

Number of Employees:   <10

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10604 Turnbull Loop
Austin, TX 78717
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Tariq Mirza, CEO and Co-founder
  • 512-879-9989
  • 44-203-856-7699
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MRS (United Kingdom)