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Trusted Talent is an executive recruiting firm specializing in identifying and placing professionals in the market research and consumer insights industry. Our clients look to Trusted Talent for both full-time permanent placements or consultant placements. Our team’s extensive industry experience combined with our proprietary platform makes us the ideal solution for matching research talent with open opportunities in our industry.

Trusted Talent is your bridge to market research and insight professionals.

At Trusted Talent, we know the market research industry. Our experience means that we can effectively identify and screen great potential candidates for our clients. We can help with full-time permanent placements or with interim or temporary placement of experienced consultants.

  • We use three primary sources of candidates: our personal networks, our marketing efforts at industry trade show events and social media, primarily LinkedIn.
  • We are able to identify both passive and active candidates because of our broad reach into our industry.
  • We screen and interview each potential candidate to ensure they meet your search criteria.
  • We explain each of the opportunities a candidate qualifies for and we present only the qualified and interested candidates to our clients.
  • We also ask each interested and qualified candidate to prepare a short one minute video cover letter to be presented with their resume and LinkedIn profile.

The resume platform of market research 

Trusted Talent has partnered with Team Plus to launch the Trusted Talent Recruiting Platform. Our goal is to create a recruiting hub exclusively for the market research industry. Recruiting is changing and we know that when technology is combined with the experience and personal touch of our recruiting partners, we can all be more effective.

Team Plus has years of recruiting experience in Europe and has developed the platform for their own use. They recently brought the technology to the U.S., and worked with Trusted Talent LLC to launch the Trusted Talent Recruiting Platform for market research professionals.

Global recruitment and placement

With recruitment experts around the world, our work is global. Whether you are job seeking or looking to expand your team, the Trusted Talent team can find the perfect fit for you – anywhere. With an abundance of remote positions, we are your connection to worldwide opportunities.

Quirk's Talent

We’re proud partners with Quirk’s Media. To better serve the insights industry, we provide the recruiting expertise and power behind Quirk’s Talent. Through this platform, we’re able to amplify our work of identifying and placing professionals in the marketing research and consumer insights industry.

Year Established:   2016

Number of Employees:   7

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82526 Alda Drive
Indio, CA 92201
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Bob Ferro, Managing Director
  • 760-989-2995
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ESOMAR (International) | Insights Association (United States) | WIRe (International)