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Chicago, IL

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Company Description

Research needs a shake-up to meet the demands of businesses today: shorter timelines, increased pressure to demonstrate ROI, global teams, remote working and an overload of information. We energize insight through the integration of culture, communities and smart digital insight.

  • Culture: "Outside in" research combining social intelligence, cultural analysis and semiotics with AI-led tools and leading-edge consumers to understand current and future needs.
  • Communities: Pop-up and long-term communities, delivering robust quant and intimate qual and connecting brands with real customers in an authentic way.
  • Smart digital insight: Agile tools and processes that deliver considered insight at the pace clients need. More collaborative, more iterative and more actionable.

Trust us  Online communities and smart digital insight are in our DNA. Verve started out as community panel specialists – combining leading edge technology with always on conversations to drive competitive advantage for brands. As society, technology and insight has evolved, so has our offer:

  • Extending our ecosystem of digital tools to help clients save time and cost.
  • Integrating cultural and wider data sources to help clients get to stronger insights.
  • Investing in diverse skillsets to help clients get a greater perspective.

We have developed our approach by working in partnership with clients across a range of sectors, including Samsung, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Shell, HSBC, Weber and DeBeers, delivering a truly global approach from hubs in the U.S., U.K., Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Our research specialisms We offer a broad range of specific research and insight approaches:

  • Outside-in research: Cultural research to understand broader influences that individuals find it hard to identify and describe. Includes: Social intelligence, cultural research, semiotics, access to leading edge consumer community.
  • Digital qualitative: A range of moderated approaches to understand and bring to life consumers and develop propositions with them. Includes: IDIs, online focus groups, diaries, digital deep-dives, video, ethnography.
  • Quantitative: Full range of quant support: questionnaire design, scripting, data process, analysis and reporting. Supporting: customer profiling, segmentation, U&A, proposition and comms development, hot spot/dial testing, AI text and semiotic analysis
  • UX research: We help design products and systems for customers by understanding needs and behaviour at every step of the design journey.
  • Face-to-face qualitative: We support face-to-face activities with customer panel or externally recruited participants including IDIs, focus groups, mini groups, ethnographic interviews and workshops/co-creation.

Behavioral science. Improving everyday processes using behavioral and psychological principles in simplistic but impactful ways. Used to develop tasks and create commercially focused outputs.

Year Established:   2008

Number of Employees:   150

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444 W. Lake St., Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60606
United States
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Paul Lawson
  • 312-416-8528
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ISO Certified | Insights Association (United States) | MRS (United Kingdom) | The Research Society (Australia)