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Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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Company Description

For over 25 years Worldwide Market Research has built relationships and helped thousands of clients by living our beliefs.

  • Honesty: Authentic communication guides our interaction and uncovers the best ideas.
  • Integrity: To earn, build and keep trust of our clients, we hold ourselves and our partners accountable, focusing on quality and confidence, not just completes.
  • Dedication: When we work together you have our 100% focus and commitment, from start to finish.

At Worldwide Market Research, we’re picky. We carefully curate qualified, relevant panel participants, which leads to powerful insights that lead to action. A completed survey doesn’t always mean a quality survey – it has to have the right respondents. With our extensive network and years of expertise, we diligently, mindfully and fearlessly mine our panel providers to get the accurate participants – global, affluent and executive audiences in varying industries like banking, finance, real estate, tech and health care, to name a few. We’re ready to deliver an insightful, accurate study for you.

Serving as President for Worldwide Market Research since 2013, Kim Bergman has been actively involved with each client, helping them fulfill their unique business goals through a global network of trusted panel partners. Kim is a creative problem solver with a gift for nurturing professional relationships with authenticity.

Year Established:   2013

Number of Employees:   1

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Dallas, TX
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Kim Bergman, President
  • 214-334-7151
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Insights Association (United States) | Market Research Society (MRS)