About Quirk's

Quirk’s Media was started in October of 1986 when Tom Quirk, who had worked in the marketing research field for more than 20 years, noticed a need for a publication that promoted the value of marketing research as well as a comprehensive directory of research providers.  So, Quirk's Marketing Research Review magazine was launched.

Quirk's mission is to be the definitive source of marketing research information for those who conduct, coordinate and purchase research and insight products and services. 

The largest media provider in the industry

For nearly 40 years, Quirk's has been the place where the best, brightest and boldest in marketing research exchange their most effective ideas. Today, we have over 60,000 subscribers in 110+ countries, making Quirk’s one of the largest media providers in the industry. 

We offer Quirk's e-newsletter and Quirk’s Daily News Queue, which provides research and insights news on the go. Our robust and dynamic website, launched in 1996, receives nearly one million visits each year. And, we still publish our magazine six times per year.

On top of this, we actively engage with our audience via webinars, LinkedIn company page with 10,000+ followers and active LinkedIn groups of 58,000+.

In 2015 Quirk’s Media saw another need in the industry and launched the Quirk’s Event, created for end-client marketing research and insights professionals. In its launch, the Quirk’s Event became one of the largest preeminent events in the industry – with over 1,200 attendees. We now host the event in four locations (Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and London) as well as in a virtual format available globally. You can learn more about the Quirk’s Event at www.thequirksevent.com.

Quirk's also powers the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards, designed to shine a much-deserved spotlight on the researchers, suppliers and products and services that are adding value and impact to marketing research. You can learn more about the Awards at www.quirksawards.com

Creating an inclusive, collaborative environment for the insights industry 

Quirk’s greatest impact is in sharing the stories and thought leadership of researchers around the world. We value spaces – both online and in person – that allow for the exchange of ideas, and we strive to create conditions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to engage. Quirk’s is committed to including diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at the core of our initiatives, publications, events and communities. 

Meet our staff

 Steve Quirk
 President and Publisher


 Dan Quirk
 VP of Marketing and Product Development
 Maddie Swenson
 Content Marketing Assistant


 Evan Tweed
 Vice President of Sales
 Ilana Benusa
 Account Executive
 Tammy Slatinsky
 Account Executive
 Stewart Tippler


 Joe Rydholm
 Emily Koenig Hapka
 Digital Content Editor
 Marlen Ramirez
 Assistant News and Content Editor
 Sarah Freske
 Magazine Production/Editorial Assistant

Directory and Web Management

 Ralene Miller
 Audience Development


 Chris Bishop Garlitz
 Business Manager
 Alana Gates
 Project Manager and MREF Administrator