These days, everyone is doing everything on their mobile devices. We can shop, check social media and send e-mails, all in the palm of our hands. As we continue to rely on our smartphones, it’s essential that marketing research is available on these devices as well.

Mobile devices offer a valuable way to reach a wide variety of audiences for marketing research. Companies that specialize in mobile research can help you optimize your research, allowing consumers to participate in research wherever they are: at home, giving researchers a glimpse into their everyday lives; at the store, giving insight into their shopping behaviors and purchases; or wherever respondents are in the real world, available to give their opinion and insight for your surveys and studies. Many of the techniques used in research can be optimized for mobile, including surveys, diaries, videos and even eye-tracking. Plus, mobile devices can be carried anywhere, allowing respondents to give their insight at any time. When you need to conduct mobile research, or need help optimizing your research for mobile, consider these companies.

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Founded 2000 | 350 employees worldwide

Rebecca West, Global VP, Marketing Research Services

Civicom ThoughtLight™ is a qualitative mobile app for collecting richer in-the-moment insights, including geolocation plus offline accessibility for locations without a data connection. Set up multiple activities for respondents to reply to by video, audio, photos and/or text. Use it for shopper insights, audio diaries, patient journeys or any project where you need in-the-moment, on-the-spot data collection using smartphones. View responses sorted by respondent. Combine ThoughtLight™ with our powerful analytics tools to generate coded excerpts, word clouds, charts and graphs. We program your discussion guide, set up your respondents, send respondent notifications and provide live moderator support 24/7.

Phone 203-413-2423


Confero, Inc.

Founded 1986 | 48 employees

Elaine Buxton, CEO

Confero is a leading provider of data-driven, actionable shopper insights research and consulting. Mobile and analytic reporting tools, along with a 200,000+ field force of mystery shoppers, help clients discover any aspect of the in-store or on-premise experience. Discover roadblocks at retail, CPG-retailer-shopper disconnects and those hard-to-identify shopper pain points along the path-to-purchase. Example projects include wayfinding studies, omnichannel “BOPIS” shopper experience competitor studies, point-of-purchase promotion checks in-store and brand presence at retail. Confero’s award-winning project team has extensive experience working with manufacturers, CPG, retail, food service, beverage, grocery, travel, tourism and health care clients.

Phone 800-326-3880



Founded 1996

Terry Lawlor, Executive Vice President

Confirmit has over 20 years of experience in listening to business requirements and developing software for mar-ket research organizations. We understand your business and offer solutions that allow you to deliver high-quality, fast and cost-effective results. Confirmit’s mobile solutions enable you to capture valuable information through a wide range of mobile devices. Choose from SMS, mobile browser, mobile application and multi-channel solutions, depending on your clients’ requirements. Enable the mobile survey dashboards for any Confirmit survey and make them immediately and securely available across multiple mobile devices. The people who need data have it quickly, without analyzing lengthy statistical reports.

Phone 800-864-5266


Dooblo, Ltd.

Founded 2008 | 15 employees

Ofer Heijmans, CEO

Dooblo - the “Gold Standard” of tablet CAPI platforms - is being used today to power field surveys on Android tablets by leading research firms such as Nielsen, Ipsos, GfK, Gallup and over 700 different customers in over 80 different countries. In 2016 alone, Dooblo processed over 20 million interviews. Dooblo takes care of your mission-critical face-to-face projects with full offline support and best-of-its-kind quality control system featuring automatic GPS tracking, silent voice, photo and video recordings and a predictive interview flagging system. Dooblo’s pay-per-interview pricing and unlimited trial means you can be up and running with your CAPI project today!

Phone 972-9-7674937  


Informed Decisions Group, Inc.

Founded 2004 | 13 employees

Colin Valdiserri, CEO

Informed Decisions Group, Inc. is a full-service behavioral insights firm specializing in shopper insights, visual sciences and conversion measurement. IDG has innovated mobile eye-tracking solutions for shelf insights, pack-aging and menu board optimization for over a decade. For complete mobility, our life-sized 3-D virtual aisle is portable to anywhere in the world. Being able to leverage our solutions in any location affords our clients the ability to measure visual, emotional and conversion behavior in any market or scenario. From in-store and focus group facilities to QSR dining rooms and drive-thrus, IDG’s advantage is measuring real-world behavior where consumers exhibit that behavior.

Phone 440-454-0399



Founded 2001 | 264 employees

Germán Loewe, CEO and Founder

Netquest is the No. 1 provider of opinion and digital behavior data in the market research sector in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. We count on more than 10 years of experience in creating representative panels of the population, being the only company in the region to be certified with the ISO 26362 standard, specific for online ac-cess panels. Thanks to our cross-device technology, we are the only company capable of offering integrated information about the consumer. We offer all kinds of specialized services related to samples, observational samples, programming and data processing and all our services are mobile-optimized.

Phone 860-266-7434



Founded 2010 | 55+ employees

Mathijs de Jong, Co-founder and CEO

P2Sample offers a strong mobile survey presence, with proprietary Android and iOS mobile apps that offer re-spondents a seamless survey experience on the go. In addition to mobile surveys, we offer in-house cross-platform survey programming utilizing the Decipher survey platform. Cross-platform surveys ensure our panelists can participate via the platform or device of their choice, at their convenience. We pride ourselves on our agility to provide both exceptional sampling and unique internal routing technology. Our bids and operations teams work around the clock to deliver sample for 150+ countries for our clients.

Phone 404-446-2720



Founded 2014 | Less than 10 employees

Henry Chan, CEO

PREDIQT monitors, analyzes and reports mobile activity to provide market research firms and brands with actionable consumer insight. The world is going mobile and companies no longer possess the necessary tools to accurately monitor “in-the-moment” mobile consumer behavior. PREDIQT provides these tools. In contrast to traditional “stated” data from unreliable surveys and diaries, we uncover “revealed” user activity from actual mobile behavior such as texting, browsing, searches and app usage. PREDIQT’s consumer insight engine provides actual products and prices being viewed by mobile shoppers. In addition, PREDIQT is developing technologies to monitor chat bot activity and video viewing activity.

Phone 917-892-0748


Secret Shopper

Founded 1990 | 50 employees

Paul F. Ryan, CEO

At Secret Shopper® our expertise is evaluating the customer experience both in the digital and brick-and-mortar worlds. We provide multiple levels of cutting-edge mobile research services to accommodate any kind of business need. With over 25 years of experience conducting on-site evaluations, we have the shoppers in place to get the job done promptly as well. Our in-house IT group can create and develop innovative mobile apps that are easy to navigate and read on any mobile device to meet any business objective. Our Minneapolis-based technical support team prides itself on having provided world-class customer service over the years. Check us out at www.secretshopper.com.

Phone 763-525-1460



Founded 2012 | 39 employees

Jacqueline Rosales, Chief of Operations

From ideation to optimization, we conduct research for new product development, branding/advertising testing, creative optimization and concept/product testing. Leveraging a combination of in-house research capabilities, SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family of companies, is an all-encompassing market research firm focusing on a 360-degree view of the customer. Our offerings include: community insights platform (icanmakeitbetter); mobile research (geofencing, geotargeting, mobile missions and passive metering via our app MySoapBox Meter); data collection (online and traditional); and full research design and analytics.

Phone 855-SOAPBOX


SSI (Survey Sampling International)

Founded 1977

Chris Fanning, President and CEO

Celebrating 40 years in business, SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research. SSI reaches participants in 90+ sample countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 40 offices and remote staff in over 20 countries, offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing. SSI’s employees serve more than 3,500 customers worldwide.

Phone 203-567-7200


SIS International Research

Founded 1984 | 75 employees

Ruth Stanat, CEO

SIS International Research is a global market research and strategic market intelligence company providing full-service qualitative and quantitative mobile research, fieldwork, data collection and strategy research. Our mo-bile research solutions include online ethnography, online diaries, online bulletin boards, online concept testing, mobile journaling, surveys, mobile apps and hybrid research methods. Our services include recruitment, project management, fieldwork, data collection, interviewing, analysis and reporting. SIS also conducts full-service qualitative and quantitative research nationwide and worldwide. Our headquarters is located in New York and our other key regional offices include London, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Tokyo and Manila.  

Phone 212-505-6805


Voxco, Inc.

Founded 1976 | 65 employees

Raymond Cyr, President and CEO

Voxco offers the most flexible multichannel survey tools in the industry, including two solutions for reaching mo-bile respondents: Voxco Online Web surveys engage respondents on mobile devices with flexible formatting, multimedia and a ton of advanced question types. Voxco Mobile Offline is optimized for face-to-face personal interviewing projects. An intuitive survey app backed up with robust project management, including advanced interviewer admin and results tracking tools. A global industry leader in survey software for over 25 years. Clients in over 30 countries. Offices in Canada, U.S., France, U.K., Germany and Australia.

Phone 514-861-9255


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