Editor’s note: Misty Albrecht is VP, director of corporate communication at b1Bank.  

Every piece of content you publish is an opportunity to build trust with your audience. When your audience trusts you, every interaction you have will be more valuable and more likely to further the relationship.

Building trust starts with properly understanding your audience and offering unique, insightful content. But what does that mean for brands today? These tips can help you build a foundation for differentiated and thoughtful corporate content.

Some people view marketing as a game of volume — saturating the market and trying to capture as many eyeballs as possible. But modern consumers are increasingly immune to traditional advertising methods, and they’re tuning out messaging that doesn’t resonate. That’s why personalized experiences and strong connections are key to winning customers. 

Technology has made it easier than ever to create tailored experiences at scale, but it’s still important to engage on a personal level. Modern content marketing teams rely on data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to understand their customers. But they combine that data with the human touch to create content experiences that foster connection, curiosity and interest in the brand.

People should recognize their situation in your messaging. How can storytelling techniques help your audience emotionally connect with your brand’s message? That initial connection is just the starting point. Continue to engage your audience with informative and thought-provoking content. Encourage their curiosity to explore your brand further.   

Very few brands are universal. Trying to be everything for everyone will only result in diluted messaging that entices no one.

Instead, focus on fully understanding your brand and your ideal customers. Knowing your value proposition and combining that with what you k...