When conducting a B2B marketing research project, you may need to find, contact and work with B2B professionals. How do you find industry experts to contact? Are there ways to find professionals for niche subject areas? How many B2B experts are needed to obtain reliable data? The following seven tips should be taken into consideration when looking for B2B research professionals:

We will go into more details below and link to additional articles that may be helpful if you are looking for B2B professionals for your marketing research project. 

Having a firm grasp on your project will help you begin to narrow down who you will reach out to when contacting B2B professionals. If the research project is specific, a few niche B2B researchers may help you gain information on your subject area. If the research is broad, having a variety of B2B expert participants may work best. 

In the article “Best practices for surveying hard-to-reach B2B audiences,” author Christina Boris says that you should create a detailed profile of the respondents you need in your research. To help narrow down who you plan to work with, go further than the standard demographics. This will allow you to outline the specific B2B expert you need for your project and help you in the future by knowing which candidates meet your set criteria. 

Sascha Eder, author of “Seven tips for B2B voice of the customer research,” says that recruiting for specific individuals, in this case a B2B professional, is not as simple as it is for a basic online survey. Narrowing down who you aim to contact will help ease the research process. In “B2B surveying in the time of COVID-19” Doug Berdie establishes that it is better to search for and carefully select the professionals you want to work with. This will ensure you get the most accurate and reliable data vs. mass contacting professionals, which may skew your research. 

According to Boris, whi...