President, House of Marketing Research

Let’s face it, when your client reaches out to you at 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday with an urgent request, most rules of civility and etiquette go out the window. Research professionals are constantly dealt the seemingly impossible hand. Whether it’s a short timeline or the needle in a haystack recruit, we understand that you’re under the gun. Luckily, we have a few facility rental and project management tips and tricks to help you plan accordingly, get ahead of the curve and maintain your sanity and manners throughout 2019.

Make contact. In the age of e-mail, it’s not uncommon to plan an entire research study without picking up a phone. However, we highly recommend connecting verbally with any consultants or facilities you may be using for the first time. Having a short introductory call with a potential partner is a great way to gain insight into how the communication with them will transpire throughout the project lifecycle. Also, it may tip the scales when it comes to decision time and determining which partner you might work the best with.

Avoid radio silence. Don’t be afraid to inform a supplier if your goals, timeline or budgetary needs do not match their proposal. Radio silence and avoiding turning down a proposal wastes valuable time for everyone involved and may create confusion or follow-up when it is no longer warranted. Similarly, you can also request a follow-up at a predetermined time (two weeks, next month, etc.)

The early bird gets the facility rental. From the moment you hear a whisper of a study timeline in the wind, reach out to facilities in the desired region. It’s always best to check availability and place holds on facility dates early even if you aren’t ready to secure a rental. It’s free and better to be first in line rather than finding out all the facilities in your selected area are booked during your ideal ...