Editor’s note: Debby Schlesinger-Hellman is the co-founder of The Art and Science of Joy. Victor Perton is the CEO and chief optimism officer at The Centre for Optimism.

As we close out 2022 and look forward to 2023, there is much uncertainty, fear, anxiety and even hopelessness for many. We would like to turn that around by bringing more joy into the world through the Year of Joy nonprofit project.

We have the research from Harvard supporting that at least 40% of our individual joy is in our control. Imagine how powerful that will be for people. Our research found that many don’t know how to bring that joy out, so we have developed a recipe to assist people on their journey. To be truly joyful, we must have wellbeing and a strong sense of belonging to make a positive impact on the world and of course, we all need some fun on this great journey called life. 

The Year of Joy will help individuals find their own individual recipe for joy and build their own joy muscle. Our expert on optimism, Victor Perton, will be hosting an opening week in our Year of Joy and below he shares some thoughts on the connection of joy and optimism.

The Art and Science of Joy’s Year of Joy starts with a week of optimism and joy and a collaboration with The Centre for Optimism. In eager anticipation, the “joy” word is popping up as I listen to speeches, broadcasts and conversations.  

At my son Ted’s high school valedictory dinner, the deputy headmaster expressed his “joy and optimism” in a year well spent. Joy also appeared in the readings time and time again in Ted’s final school carol service as senior chorister and cantor. 

For me, joy is captured in a moment and time with a feeling of great pleasure and intense happiness. For me, it’s often something good that’s a surprise. I generally find it in bringing happiness to other people and hearing it in their stories of hope and optimism. I find it in soa...