Open-end analysis platform 

Theme-based insights are instantly extracted from open-end comments

Wish you could easily uncover insights from open-end comments but don’t have the time, money or right solution for the analysis? New CXI Go with Theme Extractor is a simple yet powerful DIY text analytics solution which quickly identifies the top insights from text comments with minimal effort at an affordable price. 

  • Ascribe New CXI Go with Theme Extractor. Extract insights from open-ends instantly!Load to insights: Load your file with one click and charts immediately appear identifying the top insights. Easily export the data and visuals. 
  • Instant themes: Our new Theme Extractor reveals the top ideas immediately. Similar to complete thoughts, themes do not require additional digging like single-word topics. 
  • Click through the insight to see individual responses. 
  • Customize results: Easily edit the data and visuals, apply sentiment, filter by variables and even create crosstabs. 
  • It’s simple: No manual coding, no rulesets, no taxonomies required. 

Businesses have trusted Ascribe to help analyze open-end comments for over 20 years. 

CXI Go is our latest innovation, delivering valuable insights from open-ends with minimal effort at an affordable price, making advanced AI text analysis available to everyone. 

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