Seeking Gen Z

Editors Note: This is a webinar from Aspen Fin on Gen Z from June 15, 2022. Duration: 45:03.

Aspen Finn's July webinar opening slide on grabbing Gen Z's attention and keeping it.Generation Z has made its way into the marketplace and workplace, challenging norms and shaping a new normal. With their unique introduction to adulthood and the paradoxes they present as consumers and co-workers, they bring pronounced perspectives and insights.  

While we know this group is highly digital and ever-present, they are also quick to research key issues and follow trends. But, what about other considerations for how they live and why they do what they do? How does this generation define quality? Do they buy for keeps or for momentary thrills? What’s the relevance of brand loyalty? 

In this engaging and insightful webinar, Lisa Morales Freed and Nancie Carollo, research strategists at Aspen Finn, debate the dualities for marketers, researchers and organizational leaders and offer a set of fresh insights and actions to win and keep Gen Z’s attention. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding the value of engaging Gen Z.
  • Tips for winning them over.
  • Ideas for collaboration and leadership. 


  • Lisa Morales Freed, Research Strategists, Aspen Finn.  
  • Nancie Carollo, Research Strategists, Aspen Finn.