AI-Powered Qualitative Insight Platform platform’s insight platform, OPEN, underpinned by our bespoke AI, gives you the power to explore and analyze a rich and stretchy world of qualitative content to rapidly surface insight and opportunity.

Our simple and intuitive tool allows you to explore your data set at speed – whether that’s online content, transcripts, survey open-ends or social media. OPEN reads the content for you, breaking it down to point you towards the most meaningful and interesting themes first. 

See the key language at play and explore further, testing and iterating your hypotheses. Our Accelerate model helps layer in understanding about the fundamental human needs that underpin your data. Our AI assistant, BeTy, can answer questions to help you find the stories at play. 

Build your own data set by combining different types of content including blogs, forums, articles, social media transcripts, etc. Don’t have access to social media data? No problem, we can provide social media data pulls for you, based on a simple keyword search. You can also upload your own documents to explore like internal reports, academic papers, etc. 

And when you’re ready, export your report in our ready-made template. 

Annual subscription from as little as $4.5K. To learn more, contact logo