Reducing Bias at Scale with AI-Led Behavioral Studies

Editor's note: Entropik Tech presented this webinar on December 7, 2022 as part of Wisdom Wednesday.

Researchers have generally sidelined behavioral studies owing to the cost and logistics incurred. But over time, research tech has evolved, with AI technologies like facial coding and eye-tracking democratizing behavioral research.

These camera-based technologies make behavioral studies more effortless and more accessible.

In this webinar, you will experience Entropik Tech's proprietary technologies in action and learn how they can reduce response bias in surveys and qualitative interviews.

Key takeaways: 

  1. Get to know AI-led behavioral technologies like facial coding and eye-tracking.
  2. How to go to market 4x faster with DIY qual and quant research platforms. 
  3. Scale with accuracy with AI and ML. 


  • Jayesh Menon, director of consumer insights, Entropik Tech.