Reaching Young Customers: How Engagement With Video Drives Advertising Success on TikTok

Editor's note: Eye Square's webinar on May 26, 2021, focuses on a case study using its InContext Testing platform to compare how young consumers engage with video. 

How can a modern lifestyle brand approach young audiences with video? Which media channels are more effective? And how does viewer engagement relate to ad effectiveness?

This presentation shows results from a case study about a novel product category using eye square’s InContext Testing platform to test ads in social media channels. We compare how young consumers (aged 18-29) react to a classic pre-roll on YouTube vs. an influencer post on TikTok.

  • How long do viewers watch the videos? How many viewers stay until the end?
  • How do recall and image effects compare between TikTok and YouTube?
  • How long should a video ad contact last at minimum to produce effects?
  • What role does the creative execution of the ad play? What are golden rules to follow on TikTok and YouTube?


Jeff Bander, CRO U.S.A., eye square