Visuals are the language of engagement!

In a world where attention is currency, your marketing strategy needs to incorporate a powerful design audit tool.

Feng-GUI AI-powered insights are trusted by digital marketing professionals across all media channels, from websites, ads and videos to signage and packaging. Research agencies are using Feng-GUI’s testing service to optimize the performance of visuals by analyzing levels of attention, visual effectiveness and placement.

  • Analyze: Feng-GUI simulates human vision and effectively predicts (92% MIT-verified) where users will focus their attention on your design. Our algorithmic model has been trained with millions of data points across tens of thousands of eye-tracking experiments.
  • Reports include: Heatmap, gaze plot, focus, areas of interest, aesthetics, facial expressions, cognitive load vs. focus, approach vs. withdraw. Reports provide a complete graphic representation of the strengths and weaknesses of your design.
  • Insights: Turn visual data into actionable insights. Refine layout, placement, format and key messages to induce action and increase conversion rates.

Stay ahead of the market by leveraging AI to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Feng-GUI AI-powered neuromarketing.

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