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Community platform

As the insights cornerstone of the customer-centric organization, Gongos’ i°Communities® empower customers as stakeholders and place them at the heart of business strategies. Communities serve as a critical strategic hub, connecting consumers with corporate stakeholders to infuse their voice across the entire customer-centric value chain.

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Foundational to Gongos since 2006, full-service communities are a critical element of our DNA as an organization and we’re operationalized to meet your full-service needs. We believe in providing consultative guidance throughout your engagement to help maximize your ROI on engagement.

Under our Customer as a Stakeholder™ service model, i°Communities are crafted to move beyond insight generation to drive decision-making and foster intra-organizational intelligence. Our belief is that individuals provide higher value when they feel valued. Therefore, organizations that truly activate on the customer-as-a-stakeholder imperative within online communities will reap the rewards of deeper insights that drive more customer-centric decisions. Our platform is built on four foundations: a la carte learning to real-time collaboration; feeding organizational intuition; an open ecosystem that maximizes think-time through workflow efficiencies; and humanization of insights that address EQ as well as IQ. We enable both custom qualitative and large-scale quantitative initiatives that allow for multiple products, brands, consumer segments and/or global regions.