Qualitative Platform

HARK Connect is the state-of-the-art Qual Tech™ video streaming platform with a secure and private Virtual Client Backroom, designed by researchers, to observe in-person and online focus groups and interviews.

HARK Connect virtual focus group.

Our services include hosting respondents on any videoconferencing platform and streaming into our proprietary Virtual Client Backroom. Our backroom includes AI-enabled live transcript tagging for easy video clip extractions, immediate and highly accurate AI transcripts, HD video recordings and live closed captions with simultaneous translations in 70+ languages. Every project has a dedicated project manager for tech support for moderators, respondents and end-client observers. 

Save time by tagging sessions in real-time with AI tagging for objective keywords and phrases, sentiment analysis for positive or negative word choices, standard tagging for editorial moments such as “Great quote” or “For the reel” or custom tagging for thematic moments around the subject matter of discussion. 

Find deeper insights with HARK Connect’s new suite of neurometric methods and measures for a deeper understanding of physiological consumer responses, such as facial expression analysis. Our AI tools help streamline insights data extraction to save time on each session.

Designed by researchers for researchers, HARK Connect makes it easy to have the best online qual experience. HARK Connect is Qual Tech™ for the digital age. 


HARK Connect logo.