There have been many recent health care advances, especially in the post-COVID-19 world. Many are led to wonder how the medical marketing research process is conducted to understand and achieve new treatments and services. How do you recruit health care practitioners to participate in your project? What do you do after you wrap up the research? 

There are a variety of ways to conduct market research within the medical field. In this article, we will introduce five steps to conducting a successful research project with HCPs:

Before starting to outline your project procedure, start by figuring out what you plan to do. How many health care practitioners do you need to work with? Will the project be broad or specific? What is your end goal and who will it impact? 

In “Conducting medical market research,” Trace Sells says that before product development research, you should figure out whether there is an unmet need in the specific area the project is in. When you identify the need, you will have a clearer idea of the end goal and the process required to meet it. In the article “Philips Healthcare put human experiences at the heart of research into cardiology care pathways” by Laura Hunt and Amy Pratt, they argue that researchers should start with context when aiming to find insights. Knowing the context before beginning your medical marketing research with health care practitioners can give you an understanding of the current trends in the field and the opportunities that can be created. 

After deciding the scope of the marketing research project you will conduct with health care practitioners, outline the length and procedures. This will avoid any confusion within your team as to what the next step is. 

Be sure to set aside enough time to conduct your research. Find a balance so it does not feel rushed or drag on longer than needed. Determine how you will connect with health care practitione...