Catapult Insights logoCatapult’s innovation architects have spent 15 years designing unique journeys to guide our partners through engaging, high-touch growth experiences. Our work has kickstarted and nurtured efforts that became award-winning products, industry-leading CX and names of brands that are known around the world. 

The best ideas come from combining the right process and people at the right time. That’s why we developed our LUMINARY process. LUMINARY provides the structure and focus required for success while remaining flexible enough to meet any level of need and accommodate existing processes.

Catapult Insights LUMINARYLUMINARY covers everything from identifying opportunity areas to idea generation and concept development, interspersed with engagements among specialized audiences. Enlisting the talents of these groups lends direction, purpose and voice to your innovation pipeline to elevate outcomes and stack the deck in favor of success. Our agile, high-touch process keeps your team engaged while maintaining momentum toward your goals. 

A recent Tier I automotive OEM supplier enjoyed great success with LUMINARY: “This approach goes well beyond the internal brainstorming sessions we have traditionally run. The thought-provoking process guided us to think much further into the future and excited our innovation team to evolve an even wider range of new ideas into reality. And the volume and quality of ideas were incredible.” 

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