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Insights professionals often have a love-hate relationship with open-ends. All that nice, quantitative data ruined by slang, emojis and misspellings – that wealth of information and depth and nuance of emotion locked behind the tedious, time-consuming task of coding. As a result, many organizations don’t fully utilize the responses from their open-ended questions. Perhaps they code just a sample, use them only for survey quality control or cherry-pick quotes for their reports.

The biggest risk of this approach is missing critical insights that may be hidden in the unstructured text data of open-ends. After all, open-ended questions are one of the most effective ways of generating unfiltered, unbiased consumer feedback. Canvs AI gives insights professionals the power to automate the coding and emotion analysis of open-ended responses, bringing quantitative scale and statistical significance to this form of qualitative feedback. This has the potential not only to accelerate discovery and enhance analytical confidence but also to expand the potential for open-ended questions in research. 

Key capabilities of the Canvs Platform include:

Auto-code open-ends

Dramatically accelerates the time required to code responses to open-ended survey questions. 

Rich emotional insights

Canvs’ patented model of 42 emotions goes beyond basic sentiment to unlock a more nuanced understanding of consumer feedback.

Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard

Along with striking visuals, Canvs has a powerful drill-down architecture allowing you to quickly and easily dig into the data in open-ended text. 

Insights in control

Ability to tune rules and apply customized code frames that learns how you like information organized.