Technology, Automation and the Era of “Agile Everything”

Editor's note: Kantar Marketplace held a webinar on September 15, 2021, focusing on technology, agility and automation.

“Agility” is everywhere and in many circles has become just another buzzword to please the C-suite. But what if an agile mind-set – and a new generation of automated market research platforms – can offer insights, innovation and brand teams a truly transformational and sustainable framework to help your business grow?

With examples drawn from recent work across Kantar, we’ll show how platforms like Kantar Marketplace offer more than just speed and lower cost – they offer the opportunity to use technology and automation to put consumer insights at the heart of a truly agile organization.


Michelle Eule, Head of Platforms and Data Insights, Kantar

Susan Lauinger, NA Content Domain Leader, Kantar

Alan Wheeler, Innovation Business Partner, Kantar