Q&A with 2023 Market Research Supplier of the Year award winner, Basis Research Group 

Editor’s note: Basis Research Group is the winner of the 2023 Market Research Supplier of the Year (2022 revenue at or above $10 million) Award, a category in the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards. The award winners were announced during a virtual celebration on November 14, 2023. To learn more about the awards go to https://www.quirksawards.com/. 

During The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards virtual celebration, Basis Research Group was named the winner of the 2023 Market Research Supplier of the Year (2022 revenue at or above $10 million) award. 

Whether based in the consumer, social, health or B2B divisions, the 113 team members at Basis share one guiding principle: to provide Basis clients with strategic guidance rooted in commercial realities to meet their business objectives. 

Shazia Ginai, chief marketing officer at Basis Research Group, gave some insight into what makes Basis a winner.  

What is the overall goal when taking on a client?  

Our goal for any client is to enable them to unlock true growth – which for us requires partnership.  

We pride ourselves on best-in-class quality outputs created by top quality talent in our organization, and it’s that combination of outputs and talent which allows us to build strong partnerships. 

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing for a supplier to provide an end-client? 

The answer to this is perhaps the most overused but essential statement – actionable insights that drive true business impact.  

We ensure our teams are implicitly wired to deliver on this anyway, but also ensure we are actively and consciously striving to challenge ourselves to deliver insights that drive true impact in every project we undertake. 

Where do you see market research in five years?  

We believe that market research will continue to move towards being a vital element in the business decision making toolkit but the shift in the how will be important.   

Over the past few years, we’ve seen speed and ease being key mechanisms for driving productization of research offerings, but we have stood firm in the belief that while products can work well, they are diminishing the importance of the level of depth and nuance that a more strategic consultative model can provide.   

We believe that as technologies and platforms continue to advance, brands will be looking to agencies that provide smart offerings combining the speed, ease and rigor of tech coupled with the elevation of consultancy. An exciting marriage of the two!  

And it goes without saying that AI will become an integral mechanism to driving insight transformation of businesses. As an agency that likes to stay ahead of the curve, we have an exciting campaign kicking off in 2024 that will showcase our thought leadership on this subject.