AI-Moderated Interviews

Outset AI moderated interview.

Here's how it works

Conduct 1,000 conversations at once. Outset's multilingual AI interviewer is tuned to simulate a researcher and leads qualitative conversation guided by your custom training. It probes deep with participants and reacts to what they say – all with the goal of eliciting rich, qualitative insights.

The Outset AI engine then synthesizes results from your interview transcripts. For every question, the AI can scan the entire conversation to summarize insights, extract relevant verbatims, identify overarching themes and put real numbers behind the data.

The benefits

Go deep, at scale: Engage with vast, diverse audiences at once, capturing nuanced insights across multilingual participants – a deep dive like no other.

Go faster: Transform weeks into hours by quickly synthesizing rich data, delivering business answers at unparalleled speed.

Spend less: Enable researchers to gather data from hundreds quickly, cutting down time and costs significantly.

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