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Traditional research survey methods need a successor. It’s time to engage respondents in a way that brings a hassle-free survey experience.

At ActionEdge, we offer services that enhance productivity and simplify conducting research surveys. Enter Phone2Web via Screen Access, an effective way to overcome CATI and online surveying challenges. Our hybrid service provides impeccable survey experiences to respondents and actionable insights to our clients.

How it works

This method lets us give respondents access to the interviewer’s screen so they can respond to the survey questions directly on the link like they do online. But like CATI, the interviewer is available to assist if needed.

This innovative method allows us to connect with the respondent through sight and sound while conducting the interview, significantly increasing respondent engagement. ActionEdge’s Phone2Web via Screen Access method is a smart way to use technology and get accurate responses faster.

Utilize ActionEdge’s P2W via Screen Access

  • Tap hard-to-find audiences.
  • Conduct cost-effective surveys.
  • Improve incidence ratio.
  • Gain high-quality data.
  • Enhance the user experience.
  • Get rid of fake and bot-filled responses.

Instantaneous screen-sharing with respondents is not only advantageous but also requisite for respondent engagement, irrespective of the location. If your business hasn’t implemented the use of screen-sharing services yet, now is the time you should.

Learn more about Phone2Web via Screen Access and other core services including CATI, CAWI, IDI and appointment-setting at www.action-edge.com or contact us at sales@action-edge.com.