Data Platform

Syno International web and phone platform visuals.Syno International provides an impactful suite of consumer data solutions, designed for businesses and organizations in search of both a versatile platform and accessible, tailored support. Our comprehensive Syno platform delivers a wide array of tools for the efficient collection, management and visualization of consumer insights, meeting diverse needs with ease.

The Syno platform includes:

  • Easy-to-use survey tool.
  • Flexible panel and rewards management capabilities.
  • Low-cost research automation capabilities.
  • Data lake solution.
  • Direct access to online panels across the world.
  • Dashboards based on Power BI.

We also offer research modules such as:

  • Brand tracking surveys.
  • Gabor-Granger and Van Westendorp pricing surveys. 
  • Advertising effectiveness surveys.
  • Moodscore surveys.

We provide personal support in questionnaire creation, scripting, fieldwork management, translations, data analysis and dashboard creation.

Privately-owned by a team of dedicated industry professionals, Syno has grown fast in recent years based on clients who grow their usage of the platform and Syno’s services. In 2024 Syno aims to serve around 300 clients globally with a team of 55 employees. 

Our primary goal is to forge lasting partnerships by offering affordable solutions and ensuring a seamless collaboration experience. If you're in search of a business ally who embodies these qualities, we invite you to connect with us!

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