Editor’s Note: Charlotte Evans is a research associate at FlexMR. This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on the FlexMR website under the title, “5 Lessons Researchers can Learn from the Gaming Industry.”

Whether you are a gamer or not, there’s no avoiding the success of the video gaming industry. And it’s fair to say that this success hasn’t gone unnoticed across other industries worldwide. In the U.K. alone, the gaming industry has contributed enormously to our economy and it’s pleasing to see that this is set for continued growth.

I’m admittedly not a gamer, but my observation of the video gaming industry is ruled largely by the industry’s leadership in digital innovation. For starters, fully rendered virtual worlds, augmented reality and high-definition graphics are fascinating to behold. So, with recognition toward the industry’s success, what exactly can insight professionals pay attention to in order to help replicate this success for the market research industry?

For some, the compelling attraction of video games often centers around a story-driven plot. By incorporating a compelling narrative with a gaming journey, the popularity of narrative formats has accelerated. As a striking example, the Japanese-made video game Danganronpa achieved success through its captivating detective narrative, which became popular due to its rich character detail.

Insight professionals can learn a lot from the impact of storytelling. For starters, storytelling is a good reminder of how researchers should report insight to better share memorable key takeaways among stakeholders. While enticing visuals and descriptive findings offer a good starting point for embracing storytelling, video can be just as effective, too. Video can be viewed as an engaging medium for presenting findings and presents an exciting advantage for insight professionals. By simply inviting research par...