Insights at the Speed of Digital: Leveraging Human-Augmented AI To Drive Consistent Outcomes

Editor's note: WEVO held a webinar on November 17, 2021, focusing on human-augmented AI.

How are organizations adopting insights as a service and leveraging AI to advance continuous monitoring and improvement? Join this webinar to hear examples of gathering insights in real use cases, and discover the secrets of next-gen digital experience optimization programs. WEVO's Jenni Bruckman and Accenture Interactive's Brian Cahak will discuss where quantitative and qualitative insights collide and the increasing importance of becoming insight-led. You will learn:

  • Where quantitative and qualitative collide – the impact of insights and knowing the why.
  • How to understand high volume qual, by measuring and scoring on a quant scale.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement for next-gen digital experience optimization.


Jenni Bruckman, VP Customer Success and Strategic Partnership, WEVO

Managing Director, Digital Growth and Marketing Operations, Accenture