AI In-Depth Interviews

Yasna by Fasten online qualitative interview.

Talking to people is priceless. Unfortunately, personal in-depth interviews are extremely difficult to scale – both on their own and especially within multicountry studies which are challenging to scale as well. It takes lots of time, human resources and money.  

Meet Qualitative studies done more efficiently. Yasna conducts and analyzes hundreds of human-like in-depth interviews per day, saving you time, money and effort.

Yasna creates new opportunities by talking to more people around the world without losing the quality of conversations.

Deep and complete answers thanks to Yasna’s empathy and ability to probe. 

Significantly cheaper than face-to-face, in-depths or focus groups. 

Effortless AI-generated report with qualitative insights and quantitative validation. 

Global qual is radically more approachable both money- and effort-wise. Yasna speaks almost any language. 

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