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Cincinnati, OH

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Company Description

Ascribe is the No. 1 global text analysis platform, trusted by market research firms and corporate clients worldwide to make open end analysis easy. Over the past 25 years, Ascribe has analyzed over 6 billion responses through our innovative SaaS technology solutions. Our best-in-class training and support ensure that we can help you achieve your business goals efficiently. Contact us today for a free demo with your data.

Ascribe’s unique Theme Extractor technology extracts clear, descriptive themes from open end comments, delivering superior results, faster. This patent-pending innovation, integrated across all our solutions, leverages the most advanced AI, NLP, and generative AI technology.

CX INSPECTOR with Theme Extractor, our text analytics solution, extracts hidden insights from open ends in one click. Actionable theme-based insights are immediately revealed in charts and tables which make it easy to explore the data and share results. Features include sentiment, groupings, closed-end filters, crosstabs, trend reports, analysis in 50+ languages and ability to save projects and export results. Easy analysis. Insightful visuals. Powerful results.

CODER, the industry’s leading semi-automated verbatim coding management solution, significantly improves coding productivity, delivering high-quality results faster with improved accuracy. Trusted by the world’s largest market research firms, Coder offers project and team management tools, seamless importing and exporting of data files, and enables real-time, multi-user collaboration. From manual to AI-assisted human coding, Coder enhances results while allowing coders to maintain control. Most of our clients see a 2x-5x improvement in coding productivity and coders love it!

AI Coder, our newest feature integrated into Coder, is the fastest way to code a study, delivering coding projects up to 9x faster. AI Coder automatically creates a codebook with multi-level netting and will even code the responses. You can easily edit the codebook, guide the coding and adjust the automation.

SERVICES, Ascribe’s global team of verbatim analysis experts, delivers customized full-service coding, translation, and text analysis projects, giving you the peace of mind knowing your projects will be completed with high accuracy, first-time-right, on-time. Trusted by the world’s largest market research firms, Ascribe’s Services acts as an extension of your team providing outstanding customer service with specialties in in-language coding, AI with human review, translation with human review, data quality review, and medical adverse events reporting. Let our Services team tackle your most challenging projects.

Year Established:   1999

Research Services and Specializations

201 E. Fifth St., Suite 1900
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Bill Griffin
  • 513-241-9112
  • 513-241-5833 (fax)
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