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Founded in 1999, Ascribe's industry-leading technology solutions and Services group make open end analysis easy, reducing analysis time and increasing productivity. Powered by the most advanced Al, machine learning and NLP, Ascribe’s software solutions process millions of comments every year to help the world's corporate researchers, customer experience professionals and market research firms analyze open-ends. Ascribe’s outstanding customer support and training team helps ensure clients are leveraging the solutions to meet their business needs.

CX Inspector with Theme Extractor and Generative AI: Text Analytics

CX Inspector, now with the power of Theme Extractor and Generative AI, extracts descriptive actionable insights from open end responses instantly. Load a dataset of any size and in one click charts reveal insights that uncover a comprehensive understanding of customers’ comments. With CX Inspector’s intuitive interface, users can cluster ideas into groups and explore results using filters, sentiment, and a variety of charts and tables, and then easily export their results. X-Score, a proprietary customer experience measurement which can be used with any dataset, identifies the key drivers that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Uncover better insights from open ends faster with CX Inspector with Theme Extractor.

Coder: Verbatim Coding Software and Management System

Coder is the industry’s leading semi-automated verbatim coding management system which helps market research teams deliver high-quality results to the customer faster. Project and team management tools allow managers to oversee a team of coders, engage in real-time collaboration, and ensure projects are completed on time with accuracy. Coding Assistant and Segment Coder speed up the coding process. AI Coder with Theme Extractor, now upgraded with Generative AI, delivers accurate coding results similar to manual coding in a fraction of the time. Theme Extractor automatically creates a theme-based codebook with multi-level netting and codes the responses. Coders can control the level of automation and Generative AI and can easily edit the coding results. AI Coder with Theme Extractor is the fastest way to code a study.


Services is a global team of verbatim experts who complete your market research projects on-time, first-time right, with high accuracy. Services offers comprehensive and customized full-service coding, translation and text analysis, and delivers customized reporting and automated downstream data integration. Many services can be completed within 24 hours, including our new Verbatim Quality Report.

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Year Established:   1999

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201 E. Fifth St., Suite 1900
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United States
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Bill Griffin
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