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Customer Service Profiles (CSP)

Omaha, NE

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Company Description

Customer Service Profiles (CSP) is a premier provider of customer experience (CX) management programs and market research using advanced CX technology solutions. We are a full-service research organization with over 36 years of experience helping our clients understand and improve their customer experience with actionable insights and analysis. CSP provides loading edge technology, thought leadership and innovative research solutions that are tailored to the unique objectives of each client. We offer multiple solutions within our many products and services. What differentiates CSP from the competition is the consultation and analysis we provide to help our clients understand how to take action with data and insights.

Our mission with every client is to provide a clear road map to service quality excellence that will produce improved customer service, increase customer loyalty and promote customer advocacy. CSP’s ongoing voice of the customer (VOC) research provides invaluable customer insights of the customer experience across all channels and touch points. Our customized market research studies are needs-based, but can include customer relationship assessments, brand awareness studies, customer attrition studies, competition assessments and internal service assessments. CSP’s cycle of success is a proven CX philosophy that has allowed many of our clients to be national leaders in delivering best-in-class service versus their peers.

Year Established:   1987

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12020 Shamrock Plaza, Suite 310
Omaha, NE 68154
United States
Customer Contact(s):
John Berigan, Exec. Vice President
  • 402-399-8790 x101
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