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Human transcription with unparalleled accuracy and faster speed to help our clients get right to what matters, analysis. Qualitative transcribed data delivered in Word or digitally for analysis platforms. We enjoy making transcribing an easy process by providing accurate, cost-effective services with quick turnaround.

Regardless of the size of your project, our team of over 700 U.S.-based transcribers, in-house proofreaders and project managers will ensure you are receiving high-quality transcripts on time, every time.

All documents are completed by an experienced and detail-oriented transcriber who has years of experience. Transcripts are completed in our self-built platform, TOPS. Once your file is received, it is added to TOPS and the audio content is boosted to its highest capacity.

We take the security of your file very seriously. You can rest assured that your recording is in safe hands! Your files will never leave our platform and transcribers do not have the ability to download.

As the files are finished, our quality control team of in-house proofreaders will evaluate their work for accuracy and consistency.

We offer five different formats, each with their own unique utility.

Enhanced Interactive Transcript Service delivers a Word transcript and a video and text experience at a budget-friendly cost. It allows you to easily view and search the text, create clips and grab exact quotes. Enhanced Interactive Transcription allows the respondent to speak for themselves while you gain insight. You can see the nonverbal communication and hear the words.

Professional Standard is publishable quality and a perfect fit for our corporate clients. Professional Transcription is the highest level of accuracy available. Transcripts are a word for word account of the speech in the audio file. Utterances are omitted as the standard but can be added on if that better supports the goals of the client. Professional transcription is triple proofed for complete accuracy and will be the best possible account of your audio that can be achieved by our team.

Edited Summarized is a concise document focusing on the respondents’ speech. The moderator’s portion of the interview is edited and summarized, while the respondents’ speech is word-for-word, omitting only the nonverbal utterances, filler words and extraneous content. Lower cost and high value, transcribe word-for-word only the parts of the interview that you really need for your project.

Notes is our most clear and succinct form, targeted at providing a summarized account of the session. This format is not verbatim but rather captures the main points of the audio. This format offers an excellent alternative to verbatim transcripts as well as in-person note takers, where direct quotes are not required as part of your research.

Automated Transcripts are perfect for when you want a transcript fast and very affordable. Automated Transcription could be the right choice for your project. Your project will be delivered with speed, relative accuracy and in a clean and professional format.

In addition, we can arrange questions and answers in an easy-to-read Excel sheet, ideal for multiple IDIs or TDIs. If one of our formats is not exactly what you are looking for, no sweat – we are happy to customize a format or template for you! 

With our add-on services, we are able to create your ideal transcript. Add-on services include, speaker identification, timestamps, coding, captions, translation, audio redaction and video montage.  

Turn around time is usually 24-48 hours and is dependent on the length and number of files. If you need RUSH turn-around, no problem we can do that too!

 FFTranscription – Easy, Fast, Affordable!

Year Established:   2003

Number of Employees:   10

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950 W. Valley Road, Suite 2700
Wayne, PA 19087
United States
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Kim Harrison, CEO
  • 215-367-4000
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ESOMAR (International) | Insights Association (United States) | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States) | WIRe (International)