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Created by researchers, Indico Labs specialize in report building software and services to support researchers in building engaging data presentations efficiently. For ad-hoc studies, the Indico Labs self-serve platform enables researchers to build custom reports directly from data tables. Let our software handle the painfully slow branding, sig testing, footnote population, etc. so your Researchers can focus on storytelling. DashBox: Instead of top-line summary reports or large appendix sections, Researchers can turn data tables into branded, interactive online chart books. Save heaps of time and stand out vs. competitors. PowerPoint Generator API: For development teams looking empower users with branded, editable PowerPoint deliverables straight out of in-house research tools or third-party software such as Power BI or Tableau. Report Population Service: When you simply need to ease the workload, outsource report population to Indico Labs. Report decks will either be populated by our dedicated team of report builders or automated using custom Python code. This includes custom tasks such as sig testing, indexing and conditional formatting.

Year Established:   2019

Number of Employees:   9

Research Services and Specializations

13 Belsize Park
London NW3 4ES
United Kingdom
Customer Contact(s):
Lewis Goodridge, Business Development Manager
  • 07493 594945
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