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Indico Labs is a pioneering company with a mission to empower researchers and data professionals in building engaging data presentations efficiently. With a range of innovative software solutions and services, Indico Labs has transformed the way data is communicated, enabling researchers to focus on storytelling and insights rather than tedious report-building tasks.

Effortless report population: Indico Labs understands the immense workload researchers face, especially when it comes to populating report decks. To alleviate this burden, we offer a comprehensive report population service. Whether it's employing our dedicated team of report builders or utilizing custom Python code for automation, we handle tasks such as sig testing, indexing and conditional formatting. By outsourcing report population to Indico Labs, researchers can free up valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on the most critical aspects of their research.

Streamlined report building: At the core of Indico Labs' offerings is a self-serve platform designed specifically for ad hoc and repeatable studies. Researchers can now build custom reports directly from data tables, eliminating the need for manual formatting, branding and sig testing. By automating these time-consuming processes, our software enables researchers to allocate more time and energy to the critical task of crafting compelling narratives from the data.

Interactive online chart books: Gone are the days of topline summary reports and cumbersome appendix sections. Indico Labs' DashBox solution takes data tables to the next level by transforming them into branded, interactive online chart books. Researchers can now deliver their findings in a visually captivating manner, enhancing comprehension and engagement among stakeholders. By saving heaps of time, DashBox allows researchers to stand out from competitors and deliver dynamic presentations that leave a lasting impression.

PowerPoint Generator API: For development teams seeking to empower users with editable PowerPoint deliverables, Indico Labs provides the PowerPoint Generator API. This powerful tool seamlessly integrates with in-house research tools or third-party software such as Power BI or Tableau, enabling researchers to generate branded PowerPoint presentations effortlessly. By automating the creation of PowerPoint slides, Indico Labs accelerates the report-building process and ensures consistent branding and formatting across various platforms.

Indico plugin for PowerPoint: Indico Labs' PowerPoint plugin revolutionizes report design. Convert chart labels and table text into engaging logos effortlessly. Edit long answer codes, apply conditional formatting and copy sorting with a single click. Streamline your presentations and save valuable time.

Indico Labs has revolutionized the world of data presentations by providing researchers with cutting-edge solutions to streamline report building. Through our self-serve platform, interactive online chart books, PowerPoint Generator API and Report Population Service, we empower researchers to unlock their storytelling potential and deliver compelling insights. With Indico Labs, researchers can save time, stand out from their competitors and elevate the impact of their work.

Year Established:   2019

Number of Employees:   9

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13 Belsize Park
London NW3 4ES
United Kingdom
Customer Contact(s):
Dimitra Spiliotopoulou, Head of Sales
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