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Company Description

Olson Zaltman is an insights and consulting firm that helps its clients uncover the unconscious emotional needs and deep psychological motivations of their customers. We were the pioneering firm – and have remained the gold standard – in what is now the burgeoning space of applied neuroscience and System 1 research. We focus on two primary areas of need for our clients: 

1) Exploratory or foundational research such as positioning, consumer needs, jobs-to-be-done, category or brand understanding and innovation “white spaces.” 

2) Concept development and testing research such as new product/packaging concepts, positioning areas and campaign and communications development.

We offer the following services:

ZMET®: Our proprietary mind science market research methodology that pioneered an industry. ZMET draws on diverse disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, anthropology and art therapy to explore the consumer unconscious and unleash the power of metaphor. Ultimately, ZMET is both a method and a way of thinking. ZMET is very customizable from full in-depth studies through to agile applications.

ZMET CD (concept development): ZMET CD is based on the premise that meaning is co-created. Instead of standard diagnostic questions that focus solely on whether someone “likes” a concept or direct questions about how an execution could be improved, ZMET CD uncovers the beliefs and emotions that a concept activates in consumers, and the message that is co-created the mind of the consumer.

IAT (implicit association tests): IAT is a quantitative tool that measures the strength of unconscious association between mental concepts and products and brands. IAT has been extensively validated in academic research across a wide range of applications.

SIMILE: A combined System 1 and 2 quantitative metaphor measurement tool based on the latest in behavioral science, mind science and metaphor prediction. Leveraging our unparalleled knowledge of deep metaphors, Simile is the most sophisticated and accurate approach to quantify metaphor and emotion in the industry.

MobE: Mobile ethnography (MobE) powered by ZMET helps us capture thoughts, behaviors and decision-making processes, giving unprecedented access into consumers’ lives – what they’re thinking, doing and feeling, and how they’re interacting with your brand – all in the moment.

ZMET In-Situ: ZMET In-Situ an applied ethnographic approach that combines the power of ZMET interviewing with traditional ethnographic techniques. What differentiates our offering is that we are looking for the metaphoric framework of consumers’ experiences combined with ethnographic insights into an environmental context. The end result is a truly deep understanding of consumers’ lives.

For more information on our services designed to measure the unconscious mind of the market please visit our website.

Year Established:   1997

Number of Employees:   25

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