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SDR Consulting

Atlanta, GA

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Key Categories
Telephone Interviewing/CATI Sampling Online Surveys Panels-Online Data Crosstabulation

Company Description

SDR Consulting provides address based sample (ABS), quality RDD sample using GENESYS Sampling Software, listed residential, cell phones, enhanced cell phones, voter files for all 50 states, business-to-business and specialty samples for all your research needs. SDR Consulting is a market research company leader in managing and fielding online panel studies for our clients across the country and world. 

We offer fielding management, panel sample, programming, hosting and cross tabulation services for any type of online study. For more than 40 years, SDR Consulting has been the innovator and leader in providing crosstabulation services for our clients. We also offer services to clean RDD samples of nonproductive numbers and with determining whether cell phone numbers are active or not. Our compiled phone sample files help make low-incidence studies much more manageable and profitable. We offer sample management and study management services whenever it is needed by our clients for phone or online surveys.

Year Established:   1973

Research Services and Specializations

210 Barrow Downs
Alpharetta, GA 30004
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Rick Hunter, President
  • 678-942-5166
  • 770-451-5096 (fax)
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