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Key Categories
Omnibus Surveys-Consumers Online Surveys Panels-Online Hybrid Research (Qual/Quant) Text/SMS Surveys

Company Description

Forward thinking research.  

SSRS is your trusted partner for complex and challenging research problems. With the latest data collection best practices, cutting-edge survey methodologies, and an industry leading team, SSRS is breaking the mold on what research companies can do.

Proprietary. Innovative. Fit for purpose. 

SSRS offers tailor-made research solutions designed to gather hard-to-get data and answer complex problems.

The SSRS Opinion Panel:  Rigorous Standards Combine Accuracy, Flexibility, and Affordability

Public Opinion and PolicyLeading the Way to a Well-informed Society Through Customized Research

SSRS Encipher: A Suite of Calibration Services Utilizing Innovative and Experimentally Validated Methods

Political and Election Polling: Non-partisan Political and Election Related Research

Qualitative Research:  Understand Underlying Reasons, Opinions, and Motivations Among a Wide Variety of Audiences

SSRS Proprietary Panels: Highly Scalable Cost-efficient Data Collection Platform Tailored to Meet Client Needs

SSRS provides answers you can trust through rigorous research and relevant insights. Our focus, resolve, and passion for solving problems is relentless. We apply independent thinking to custom research solutions, combined with agile and steadfast problem-solving. When you work with the SSRS team, you have confidence in the reliability of data rooted in truth.

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Year Established:   1983

Number of Employees:   105

Research Services and Specializations

1 Braxton Way, Suite 125
Glen Mills, PA 19342
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Melissa Herrmann, President
  • 484-840-4300
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Affiliations & Certifications
American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) | ESOMAR (International) | ISO Certified | Insights Association (United States)