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Omnibus Surveys-Consumers Online Surveys Panels-Online Hybrid Research (Qual/Quant) Text/SMS Surveys

Company Description

Rigorous research, relevant insights. SSRS provides answers you can trust. Our portfolio of advanced methodologies, optimized sample designs, questionnaire refinement and ways to reach low incidence populations is an innovative combination driven by a commitment to methodological rigor.

SSRS research areas include health care and health policy, public opinion and policy, lifestyle and sports and entertainment. Our projects include complex strategic and tactical initiatives in the U.S. and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

SSRS solutions include groundbreaking approaches fit for purpose:

  • The SSRS Opinion Panel: Nationally representative panel of U.S. adults age 18 or older, used by major academic institutions, media organizations and other private sector entities – both in the U.S. and abroad. Learn more at
  • The SSRS Hybrid Calibration Solution: Experimentally tested and externally validated approach to reduce bias and improve data quality with blended samples. Learn more at
  • The SSRS Opinion Panel Omnibus: Multi-client, probability-based survey that fields twice a month. It delivers a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults age 18 or older in English (with Spanish language option). Learn more at
  • The SSRS Sports Poll: Established in 1994, the SSRS Sports Poll is the first and longest running tracking study focusing on sports in the U.S. It measures more than 35 different sports and activities, including viewing, attendance, media and more. Learn more at
  • The SSRS Text Message Panel: Probability-based, quick turnaround polling. The SSRS Text Message Panel is a nationally representative TCPA compliant panel of U.S. adults age 18 or older who have a mobile phone. Learn more at

Our team of critical thinkers has genuine enthusiasm for our work and a shared goal to connect people through research. We get excited about the inherent problem solving involved in survey-based research and our process fosters transparency through collaboration. Let’s create a plan to execute your next research project together. Contact us to begin.

Year Established:   1983

Number of Employees:   105

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1 Braxton Way, Suite 125
Glen Mills, PA 19342
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Melissa Herrmann, President
  • 484-840-4300
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Affiliations & Certifications
American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) | ESOMAR (International) | EcoVadis Silver Medal for Sustainability Achievement | ISO Certified | Insights Association (United States) | The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN)