Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

FRI.9:001QualSightsContext and confidence: Erasing the line between qual and quant
FRI.9:002Insights in ColorThe multicultural researcher gap: Making the research industry more appealing to the research generation of tomorrow
FRI.9:003AYTMReaching higher: How research teams are rising to meet the moment
FRI.9:004QRCAThe pluses of post-pandemic qual
FRI.9:451Clorox, Burt's BeesBurt’s Bees goes to China: Understanding a new market, new consumers and their needs for persona development
FRI.9:453JP Morgan ChaseThe pandemic's impact on B2B research: An opportunity for transformation
FRI.9:45 AM4Aha Online Research PlatformBreaking new ground with live and mobile video
FRI.10:30 AM1Quest MindshareClean label, clean data and powerful partnerships: Executing rapid emotion research
FRI.10:302InsightsNowThe newness effect: Connecting the dots between implicit emotional impact and behavioral disruption
FRI.10:303Hark ConnectA new approach to global brand transformation
FRI.10:304Reach3 InsightsKeep your COVID customers: How Brunswick is leveraging mobile messaging-based conversational insights to nurture the next wave of brand advocates
FRI.11:151American FamilyImpact: Agile research sprints
FRI.11:152BuzzBack Market ResearchDesigning research for a mobile world
FRI.11:153ZappiAmplifying creativity: How brands create winning ads – and you can too!
FRI.11:154InnovateMRMoving at the speed of life: Research in today’s on-demand climate
FRI.1:001Mars WrigleyTrust me, I’m a futurist – How I harnessed curiosity to imagine a post-pandemic future
FRI.1:002Peapod Digital Labs, RTi ResearchTell me what you want, what you really, really want
Market-driven or driving the market: How to win in a multicultural America
FRI.1:004ForstaIntroducing Forsta: A new force in market research technology
FRI.1:451KnowledgehoundLeveraging SaaS to create an insights-driven organization
FRI.1:452KS&R, MorningstarThe power of buyer personas
FRI.1:453JohnsonvilleLinking together the full-circle consumer journey…A sausage odyssey
FRI.2:301IpsosFrom insights to foresight – A panel conversation
FRI.2:303TysonWhat to do when strategic projects go sideways: A playbook for your next challenging project
FRI.2:304PluralyticsGen Z is coming. Are you ready?
FRI.3:151Delaware North, MSPAWho really needs a CX culture? – Curated by MSPA
FRI.3:152BloomarkOptimizing CPG multipack portfolios
FRI.3:154IcreonThe infinite loop of digital transformation: Using insights to power the customer experience
THURS.9:001ESOMARDoing more with less: The ESOMAR Global Survey of Buyers of Insights
THURS.9:002Clear M&C SaatchiThe next consumer change – will you be ready?
THURS.9:003RealityCheck Market ResearchWhat consumer insights can learn from the new age of journalism
THURS.9:004OutSystemsReal-world B2B segmentation
THURS.9:451Ochsner HealthAgile and iterative: Using real-time data to drive virtual visits
THURS.9:452Curion, Ferrara Candy CompanyFerrara’s new claim to fame: An elevated Famous Amos recipe
THURS.9:453Research America20 years of sustainability insights: New expectations that impact you and your customers
THURS.9:454Beall ResearchThe secret ingredient in emotional connection: How brands make people feel about themselves
THURS.10:301Quest MindshareSurvey LOI and data effects: An ongoing investigation
THURS.10:302Olson Research GroupA creative approach delivers meaningful qualitative results
THURS.10:303TolunaKnow it all with Toluna Start
THURS.10:304Fuel CycleThe #1 trend in insights: Ignite action with continuous research
THURS.11:151American FamilyImpact: Agile research sprints
THURS.11:152ProdegeSupply chain interruptions: How to elevate the shopping experience and maintain consumer loyalty
THURS.11:153Advocate Aurora HealthAccelerating change: How consumers adapted to virtual health during the pandemic – and what’s next
CANCELLED: The evolving landscape of user recruitment for research studies and communities (45-minute session)
THURS.1:001Bustle Digital GroupWelcome to the age of empathy
THURS.1:002Hunter-Miller GroupBlack (still) matters in marketing and market research
THURS.1:003GutcheckA new era of understanding: Human experience intelligence
THURS.1:004Methodify by DelviniaMR OS: Why marketing research is ready for its own operating system
THURS.1:451Momentive (formerly SurveyMonkey)Is “doing good” good business? Measuring the impact of sustainability and social efforts on brand and sales performance
THURS.1:452quantilopeHumanizing insights at scale: The marriage of quant and qual
THURS.1:453Rockwell AutomationUsing analytical planning to drive organizational action
THURS.1:454Phoenix Marketing IntlCreating and measuring impactful communications in a post-pandemic world
THURS.2:301GWI (GlobalWebIndex)Pandemic paradigm shift: The evolution of the consumer-brand relationship
THURS.2:302C+R Research Services, Inc.CMI-driven strategy: Intentionality in insights for a successful multicultural and diversity strategy
Normal...for now: Measuring Delta's impact on COVID consumer crisis behaviors
THURS.2:304KS&R Inc.What's love got to do with it? Measuring emotion with a System 1 vs. System 2 lens
THURS.3:301ProtobrandAccelerate brand growth with behavioral science
THURS.3:302Digsite, HormelHow Hormel Foods successfully applies jobs-to-be-done to innovation
THURS.3:303Aspen Finn Strategy + InsightOh, this is LIT! The world’s largest focus group on edibles
THURS.3:304SuzyInsights 2021: The gender inclusivity question
THURS.4:151PureSpectrumMind the gap: Tracking the five generations to understand implicit attitudes
THURS.4:152DynataClorox’s agile research journey: Where we are in 2021
THURS.4:153Knowledgehound, LucyStrategies to reveal ROI from hidden data
THURS.4:154Susan FaderContextual reframing: Why you need to rethink your research assumptions
THURS.5:001Insights AssociationEthics in insights: The future of the codes
THURS.5:002Hi-ConeDoes focusing on your customer make you consumer-centric?
THURS.5:003PremiseAgility unleashed: The crowdsourcing revolution meets market research
THURS.5:004Smart DesignUsing creative research methodologies to design valued ecosystem experiences