The Quirk's Event London Presentations

Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

DAYTIMERMPresenting CompaniesTitle
WED.  10:001Eye squareUnilever and eye square: Uncovering successful e-commerce opportunities through effective e-commerce research
WED.  10:002Clear M&C Saatchi, TikTokWhat makes TikTok audiences tick?
WED.  10:003AURA, Asahi, Kadence InternationalHarnessing augmented reality to truly innovate in pack and concept testing
WED.  10:004ESOMARWhy we need global standards for asking basic demographic questions
WED.  10:451The Young FoundationCollaborating across sectors to promote diversity in research
WED.  10:452Relative InsightAnalyzing open-ends to crack the enigma of Gen Z
WED.  10:453Insight Management Academy (IMA), Springer NatureTransforming Insight at Springer Nature
WED.  10:454PureSpectrumFooty fans: What does "fan-centricity" mean and what can brands learn?
WED.  11:301AURA, HM Courts and Tribunals Service, EngineMaking digital services more accessible using inclusive design principles
WED.  11:302Kantar ProfilesReturn on experience
WED.  11:303Qualzy (Web Creator Suite)Delivering superiority digitally: Partnership between the best of tech and the best of brains
WED.  11:304Researchbods Strat7How Deliveroo disrupted the retail sector during the pandemic
WED.  12:151Mindlab International Ltd.From nudge to budge: Measuring the effectiveness of behavior change campaigns
WED.  12:152J.P. Morgan ChaseThe pandemic's impact on B2B research: An opportunity for transformation
WED.  12:153GWI (globalwebindex)Why Baby Boomers are more relevant than ever: Putting a spotlight on older generations in Europe
WED.  12:154OnePulseHow The Evening Standard introduced agile research to inform strategy and add value for commercial partners
WED.  1:451Neuro-InsightsThe science of TikTok: Using neuroscience to explain TikTok's power
WED.  1:452UCB Celltech LtdUse of futures and trends to inform strategy
WED.  1:453ZappiAmplifying creativity: How brands create winning ads – and you can too!
WED.  1:454Verve, Innocent DrinksHow innocent’s Greenhouse community grew ideas, insight and inspiration for the business
WED.  2:301Active GloucestershireMapping the ripple effects of a social movement
WED.  2:302Prodege, LLCDispelling myths about the gamer audience
WED.  2:303Insight Management Academy (IMA), Quirk's MediaTransforming Insight - an interview with the author
WED.  2:304buzzbackOh no! Agile again?
WED.  3:151Quest MindshareSurvey LOI and data effects: An ongoing investigation
WED.  3:152AURA, Raasay Distillery, BoxcleverSlàinte! How the Isle of Raasay distillers challenged category convention to launch a young, premium, Scottish whisky
WED.  3:153CANCELLED(Canceled) STRAT7 Bonamy Finch Session
WED.  3:154ProtobrandAccelerate brand growth with behavioral science
WED.  4:001KS&R Inc.What's love got to do with it? Measuring emotion with a System 1 vs. System 2 lens
WED.  4:002quantilope GmbHTransformational change: From traditional market research to an efficient AI-powered insights automation system
WED.  4:003Insight Management Academy (IMA), SkyTransforming Insight at Sky
WED.  4:004LucidThe ResTech superhero
WED.  4:451AURA, Camelot, Blue Yonder Truth, tension and triangulation: Combining hearts, heads and hands to make customer-centric decisions
WED.  4:452PremiseMind the data gaps: Effectively crowdsource market research
WED.  4:453Delineate Strategy LimitedFireside chat: How Ancestry uses real-time brand tracking to make fast business decisions
WED.  4:454Bilendi In-the-moment research via instant messaging – A Samsung case study
THUR.  9:301GSKIgniting the future: How people enable insights transformation
THUR.  9:302Discover.aiMy plant-based food journey (through an AI lens): How our AI driven text based segmentation of alternative diets shone a light on my own food experiences
THUR.  9:303Insight Management Academy (IMA), Leeds Building SocietyTransforming Insight at Leeds Building Society
THUR.  9:304Stephanie RowleyBurnout – the dirty secret of the research world?
THUR.  10:151Kantar ProfilesBack to the future: Combining the latest technology with long-standing data collection principles
THUR.  10:152CambriIterative innovation: Amplifying innovating and reducing waste
THUR.  10:153AURA, Close BrothersKeeping listening: How continuous insight-gathering accelerates change
THUR.  10:154Conjoint.lySelecting effective product claims
THUR.  11:001DVJ InsightsBrand growth: What do 'winning' brands do differently?
THUR.  11:002AURA, Cazoo, Folk ResearchDriving change: Developing a disruptive online used car brand
THUR.  11:003LucyWhat is hiding in your data? How companies are uncovering lost ROI
THUR.  11:004Blue YonderExtreme prototyping: Driving behavioral change through innovation in FMCG
THUR.  11:451ESOMAR, InSites Consulting, Listen + Learn ResearchYES please! Shining a spotlight on Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) award finalists
THUR.  11:452Quest MindshareSurvey LOI and data effects: An ongoing investigation
THUR.  11:453Mission TranslateHow to elevate your supplier relationships to genuine, trusted partnerships
THUR.  11:454Vodafone BusinessUnderstanding and championing SMEs
THUR.  12:301Prodege, LLCDesigning research for a mobile-first world
THUR.  12:302StrategirDo consumers really want sustainability?
THUR.  12:303Insight Management Academy (IMA)How much money has your insight team made this year?
THUR.  12:304Relative InsightDelve into open-ends for game-changing consumer insights
THUR.  2:001EntropikSelf-service consumer research for the emotion economy
THUR.  2:002Molson CoorsE-commerce in beer and cider in a post-Covid world
THUR.  2:003Kraft Heinz, Close Brothers, GSK, Quirk's MediaDoing more with less
THUR.  2:004EyeSee ResearchCleaning up the act: Making sustainable products mainstream
THUR.  2:451Trinity McQueenPost-pandemic advertising
THUR.  2:452Data Expert Services KftDrivers of success: Achieving better insights, quicker decisions and improved customer experience with dashboards
THUR.  2:453Insight Management Academy (IMA), Co-operative GroupTransforming Insight at the Co-op
THUR.  2:454QRCA, Thomas M. Rich & AssociatesThe hidden power of the pinky swear – Why marketers and qualitative researchers must pay attention to rituals
THUR.  3:301ESOMAR, InSites Consulting, Listen + Learn ResearchYES please! Shining a spotlight on Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) award finalists
THUR.  3:302Molson Coors, J.P. Morgan, UCB, Quirk's MediaCOVID lessons for the future
THUR.  3:303Insight Management Academy (IMA), Facebook, GSK Consumer HealthcareBuilding better relationships
THUR.  3:304Folk ResearchCooking up some inspiration for Lurpak