Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

TUES.9:151Aha Online Research PlatformBreaking new ground with live and mobile video
TUES.9:152Relative InsightAnalyzing open-ends to crack the enigma of Gen Z
TUES.9:153FlexMRImproving efficiency, reach and influence: Three practical ways to empower insights for better business decisions
TUES.9:154FedEx ServicesCultivating collaborative partnerships to deliver insights that drive results
TUES.9:155JP Morgan ChaseThe pandemic's impact on B2B research: An opportunity for transformation
TUES.10:001GutcheckHuman experience intelligence: The next generation of agile
TUES.10:002Bustle Digital GroupWelcome to the age of empathy
TUES.10:003ProdegeReady for takeoff: Trend aggregation in the travel industry
TUES.10:004Sparks & HoneyThe future of Gen Z consumers with sparks & honey
TUES.10:005MicrosoftTurning it up to 11: How we’re bringing together the richness of Microsoft’s market research to guide the launch of Windows 11
TUES.10:451Quest MindshareHow survey LOI affects respondent attention and data – Latest results
TUES.10:452Inclusive Market ResearchThe woke consumer: Evaluating buying trends in BIPOC communities amid COVD-19 and the social uprisings of 2020
TUES.10:453ForstaIntroducing Forsta: A new force in market research technology
TUES.10:454E-tabsExciting innovations in automated charting and reporting
TUES.10:455MAi Research Qualitative data is a quantitative goldmine: Streaming services explored, connecting text with quant
TUES.11:301Horowitz ResearchEthnographic research in the age of COVID Identifying unmet needs and opportunities in plant-based eating: Exploring emergent areas for Unilever using AI-driven learning
TUES.11:303GWI (GlobalWebIndex)Pandemic paradigm shift: The evolution of the consumer-brand relationship
TUES.11:304MaterialWhat it takes to build a world-class brand insights program
TUES.11:305QRCAThe hidden power of the pinky swear – Why marketers and qualitative researchers must pay attention to rituals
TUES.1:001DynataClorox’s agile research journey: Where we are in 2021
TUES.1:002Mars WrigleyTrust me, I’m a futurist – How I harnessed curiosity to imagine a post-pandemic future
TUES.1:003DigsiteHow small teams can make a big impact
TUES.1:004MedSurveyPeople make the difference – Setting projects up for greater success
TUES.1:005Ipsos PanelFrom insights to foresight – A panel conversation
TUES.1:451Aspen Finn Strategy + InsightOh, this is LIT! The world’s largest focus group on edibles
TUES.1:452Phoenix Marketing IntlCreating and measuring impactful communications in a post-pandemic world
TUES.1:453quantilopeHumanizing insights at scale: The marriage of quant and qual
TUES.1:455Quest DiagnosticsHow did the market research team at Quest Diagnostics make tastier burgers during the COVID-19 pandemic?
TUES.2:301OvationMRThe (more than) ready-to-go workforce
TUES.2:302TolunaKnow it all with Toluna Start
TUES.2:303L'OrealInsight Alchemy: A curious compendium of golden elements of insight discovery
TUES.2:304Methodify by DelviniaTreating decision paralysis with agile research
TUES.2:305OnePulseHow data-informed diversity, equity and inclusion efforts can elevate your brand
TUES.3:301Momentive (formerly SurveyMonkey)What's next in CPG and retail: A look at brand, market and industry trends heading into 2022
TUES.3:303Luth Research, RokuTranslating insights into action – How Roku went from a 100-slide research report to a 10-slide presentation for key stakeholders
TUES.3:304EyeSee ResearchEyeSee x Colgate: Busting myths about sustainable products
TUES.3:305Ivy ExecB2B reimagined: Innovative methodologies for B2B research
TUES.4:151aytmImmersive shopping experience reimagined as an effortless automated quant test
TUES.4:152ProdegeThe power of consumer insights: Reimagining retirement with NY Life Investments
TUES.4:153Buzzback Market ResearchOh no! Agile again?
TUES.4:154InsightsNowThe newness effect: Connecting the dots between implicit emotional impact and behavioral disruption
TUES.4:155RealityCheck Market ResearchWhat consumer insights can learn from the new age of journalism
TUES.5:001Abbott NutritionHow a jobs-to-be-done research approach uncovered unexpected insights
TUES.5:002Junior LeagueUsing customer insights to reinvent a women’s leadership powerhouse
TUES.5:003ProtobrandAccelerate brand growth with behavioral science
TUES.5:004ESOMARDoing more with less: The ESOMAR Global Survey of Buyers of Insights
WED.9:151CurionA Front-Row Seat at the Revolution, Volume 2: A playbook for contemporary disruption
WED.9:152KijijiInside and out: Driving inclusion in the industry
WED.9:153WIREAgile leadership: Embracing a new leadership style
WED.9:154Research America20 years of sustainability insights: New expectations that impact you and your customers
WED.9:155Out in Research, MondelezOut in Research: How PepsiCo, Mondelēz and Suzy approach LGBTQ+ research
WED.10:001Material, UltaThe beauty of insights: Leveraging habit formation research to fuel business impact
WED.10:002Eye SquareColgate and eye square: Uncovering successful e-commerce opportunities for in-context e-commerce research
WED.10:003ProdegeWhy did she buy that Chardonnay? How need states inform the omnichannel path to purchase
WED.10:004IcreonThe infinite loop of digital transformation: Using insights to power the customer experience
WED.10:005DisqoDigital behaviors: Enhance the VoC through zero-party data
WED.10:451VeylinxTackling inflation with insights: Why it matters
WED.10:452Susan FaderContextual reframing: Why you need to rethink your research assumptions
WED.10:453MarketCast GroupThe changing sports sponsorship game
WED.10:454Quest MindshareHow survey LOI affects respondent attention and data – Latest results
WED.10:455LucyThe rampant rise of data: Why it matters and how to get above it
WED.11:301QualtricsThe future of brand and product is experience
WED.11:302Monster Wordlwide"Which box am I?”
WED.11:303AdbloomThe evolving landscape of user recruitment for research studies and communities (45-minute session)
WED.11:304Fuel CycleLeveraging your community space for continuous research
WED.11:305QualSightsContext and confidence: Erasing the line between qual and quant
WED.1:001KS&R Inc.What's love got to do with it? Measuring emotion with a System 1 vs. System 2 lens
WED.1:00 PM2Healthline MediaCustomer segmentation: Lessons learned to maximize impact
WED.1:004CintConnecting data: Critical ingredients for success
WED.1:005JM SmuckerAchieving the winning aspiration of thought partnership
WED.1:452PerksyMeet the women transforming market research
WED.1:453ZappiAmplifying creativity: How brands create winning ads – and you can too!
WED.1:454CloudResearchConcrete eaters, bleach drinkers and flat earthers: How to defend online research from bogus respondents
WED.1:455Frederick WildmanProsecco package testing: Winning customer decisions at shelf
WED.2:301Fluent Research, GoogleIn search of balance: Integrating digital technology into family life
WED.2:302Kellogg'sHow to drive sales impact with shopper insights
WED.2:303SuzyInsights 2022: How Mondelēz and Blue Diamond Growers are transforming market research
WED.2:304SightXMoney can make or break you: How to determine the optimal pricing research methodology for your offering
WED.3:151Ochsner HealthAgile and iterative: Using real-time data to drive virtual visits
WED.3:152L'Oreal10 habits of a quantitative futurist
WED.3:153Institute of Integrative NutritionHealthy transformations: How consumer insights are driving the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s health coach training program
WED.3:154Peapod Digital, RTi ResearchTell me what you want, what you really, really want