Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

WED.9:301Ultra CreativeThe Importance of Research in Branding and Packaging Redesign
WED.9:302Ascribe, Coding ExpertsThe Power of AI in Coding Open End Responses
WED.9:303PepsicoBundling for Growth: Modeling Optimized Food and Beverage Bundles in Small Format
WED.9:304Ipsos, IntuitTurbocharge Your Client Relationship: A conversation on better investing with clients to build relationship equity, a TurboTax case study
WED.10:151VoxpopmeRising Costs and Shrinking Wallets: How Shoppers are Tackling Inflation
WED.10:152Stravito, AT&T, Savage X FentyUnlocking Impact at Scale: How Knowledge Management Elevates the Role of Insights at AT&T
WED.10:153Suzy, Liquid IV, That's It.The Key Role of Iterative Insights in Times of Economic Uncertainty
WED.10:154Vizit, SHRH Residential HoldingsLeveraging AI to Bring the View of the Customer into the Insights and Design Processes
WED.11:001ServiceNowHow ServiceNow aligned its UX research to maximize impact and influence
WED.11:002Toluna, The New ConsumerHow TikTok Won Gen Z., and other digital media learnings.
WED.11:003Momentive, MomentiveThe power of agile insights: How Sakura of America drives consumer-led innovation
WED.11:004aytmTraining session: Solve for the future with Lighthouse Academy
WED.11:451Forsta, MaterialGetting the facts, faster. How you can unlock reporting insights for everyone who needs them.
WED.11:452Warner Bros DiscoveryBTS: Journey to the Metaverse
WED.11:453Dynata, Fossil GroupPutting Your Consumers First: How First-Party Data Can Help Create Highly Engaged Consumers and Strong Brand Equity
WED.11:454Glassdoor, BCG X, DoorDashConducting fast-paced, innovative research in uncertain times
WED.1:151Trailer Park Group, Trailer Park GroupCombining Research Tools With TikTok to Better Understand Gen Z
WED.1:152ProtobrandTransformational Innovation with Jobs-To-Be-Done and Behavioral Science
WED.1:153Quest Mindshare, Innovative Research TechnologiesChatGPT: What we know, what we don't know, and what IRT is doing to address the threat
WED.1:154Hyundai Motor AmericaHyundai Santa Cruz Research Road Trip (from Concept to the Road)
WED.2:001Quester, Sonos Inc.How Sonos Brought Silent Customers Back To Listening
WED.2:002E-Tabs, MaterialEuphoria! How Material leverages report automation for faster, more efficient, and more accurate project reporting
WED.2:003OvationMR, Lowenstein SandlerSupporting  Investment Decisions with Alternative Data
WED.2:004Dig Insights, McCain FoodsAchieving Launch Success: Unlocking the Full Potential of an Innovation
WED.2:451PinterestTransformation: Leveraging Your Research Superpowers for a Mid-Career Pivot
WED.2:452EntropikHow AI is changing the landscape of research platforms
WED.2:453The Athletic, quantilopequantilope and The Athletic: Dominating sports media through real-time tracking
WED.2:454Aha! Insights TechnologyLeveraging Activity-Based Methods to Discover your Brand's Aha! Moments
WED.3:451Ironwood Insights Group, LLCHow to Address Brand Risks & Opportunities in a Dynamic Marketplace
WED.3:452Krusteaz, CuroinLearn before you launch: Reshape your productivity and minimize risk with Curion Score™
WED.3:453Fuel Cycle, FNBOFinding the ‘so what?’ behind your research
WED.3:454Zevia, Blizzard Entertainment, IntuitThe organization has questions. How can we help them find answers?
WED.4:301Johnson & Johnson VisionTips & tricks for elevating your internal partners' IQ (insight quotient)
WED.4:302Vital Findings, Deckers BrandsCo-creating Brand Magic with HOKA: Tips & Tricks for Successful Stakeholder/Consumer Co-Creation
WED.4:303VanguardTurning off the fire hose – the importance and art of synthesis in a data-driven organization
WED.4:304InstacartThe marketing research team as a growth engine: Insights from 5 Fortune 500 companies
THUR.9:301GutCheck - a Toluna company, The Lagunitas Brewing CompanyUsing Emotion Analytics To Better Understand How Real People Are Experiencing Today’s Economic Turbulence
THUR.9:302IpsosHow to predict, measure and optimize the success of your brand
THUR.9:303Athena Brand WisdomRe-positioning Mexico: How Semiotic Analysis Helped Break Through Cultural Clichés and Provide Inspiring Regional Symbolism for Three Campari Brands
THUR.9:304Hyundai Motor America, ZipRecruiter, FacebookNavigating a Research Career: Stories from the Frontline
THUR.10:151FaderFocusContextual Intelligence – Guiding Business Success by Reframing Business Challenges and Perceptions of People (Updated 7.27.23)
THUR.10:152Canvs AI, FandangoHow Fandango uses AI text analytics for customer and digital experience
THUR.10:153Quest Mindshare, Innovative Research TechnologiesChatGPT: What we know, what we don't know, and what IRT is doing to address the threat
THUR.10:154SHRH Residential Holdings, NewristicsMessaging that Connects: Bridging the gap between insights and creative action with behavioral science
THUR.11:001RokuFollow That Shopper! How We Built An Omnichannel Shopper Insights Practice at Roku
THUR.11:002BehaviorallyInfluence and Own the Most Valuable Moment in Marketing: The Transaction
THUR.11:003OvationMR, OvationMRLeveraging the CX interaction to add value to the B2B purchaser relationship
THUR.11:004Reach3 InsightsThe Future of Insights is Conversational: How modern insight professionals use mobile and conversational approaches to capture immersive & authentic feedback
THUR.11:451RealityCheckGetting the Best of Both Worlds: Keys to Successful Integrated Research
THUR.11:452Smarty PantsFurries, Arianators, Pajama Moms and Politicos: The Power of Personas in Driving Business
THUR.11:453SightX, Vox MediaContent with Impact: How Vox Media Leverages Insights Technology to Develop High-Performing Content
THUR.11:454IntuitGrowing a New and Diverse Customer Base in the B2B World
THUR.1:151The Art and Science of JoyUncovering the Recipe for a Joy-Filled Life
THUR.1:152MicrosoftRelationships and Trust for Long-Term Engagements: A View from the Client side
THUR.1:153PepsiCo Multicultural, IntuifyHow PepsiCo is uncovering next-level insights with next-gen quant research
THUR.1:154PulsarSustainability: What does it even mean today?
THUR.2:00124 Hour FitnessNot just a place to sweat: Transforming to meet members in a shifting landscape
THUR.2:003FoursquareFuture Of Work: Selecting Optimal Office Spaces With Location Intelligence
THUR.2:004Ipsos, MANSCAPEDBetween Two Bushes with MANSCAPED: Building A Brand People LOVE
THUR.2:451ResearchScribeEmbrace the Electrode! Enriching Qualitative Insights with Biometrics
THUR.2:452Human-Centered Researcher and StrategistResearching the Other: The Challenges and Opportunities of Cross-Cultural Research
THUR.2:453Uncorking a StoryStorytelling hacks that will turn you into a reporting rockstar
THUR.3:301Ex Sky and John LewisConsumer Closeness: Driving faster, more confident decision making from boardroom to service frontline by elevating insight with human understanding
THUR.3:302Savage X FentyCreating Relevance with a DIY Customer Panel