Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

WED9:001Beano BrainCoolest Brands 2023! We’ve spent the last year answering this question: What makes a brand truly cool for kids?
WED9:002Sentient Decision ScienceEvaluating the performance and future of Emotion AI
WED9:003Wonderlust CollectiveSurvey says! How to make reporting more experiential (Game show, anyone?)
WED9:004Mary KayUncovering hidden links: Using sensory data to predict consumer behavior with mascara
WED9:451Knit, MarsHow Mars Innovation uses AI for quant/qual feedback at speed and scale
WED9:452aha insights technologyLessons learned: The pros and cons of AI and qual
WED9:453Sekisui HouseSeven major problems in insights today (and some solutions)
WED9:454M/A/R/C Research, On Career SabbaticalFrom Doritos to Disney – and beyond: An interview with longtime corporate researcher Pamela Forbus
WED10:301GetWhyThis is how you deploy AI in qual consumer insights
WED10:302Suzy, pladis GlobalAccelerating your brand with pladis Global
WED10:303Mike VladimerNascent Startups: How to spend your first 100 days and $100 when you have an idea for a tech business (hint: leverage market research superpowers)
WED10:304Pepisico, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, TolunaHuman as North Star: Seeking human truth when innovation itself wants to throw you off course
WED11:151Duquesne Light CompanyThat's my story and I'm sticking to it: How storytelling in employee research can drive a customer-focused culture
WED11:152E-Tabs, EscalentAutomated reporting done right!
WED11:153CambriUsing AI to drive stronger product performance: Learn how top CPG brands like Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and Nestle use AI to guide, predict and improve their innovation success
WED11:154dtectThe true cost of (poor) quality: How fraud and bad data impact the bottom line and send clients packing
WED12:001Nestlé Canada, Dig InsightsInnovating icons: A Nestlé case study
WED12:002Research Innovation and ROI, Inc.Tapping the hidden job market for research career opportunities and elite talent
WED12:003MarketVision Research, VisioNova Consulting LLCDemand landscape: The power of understanding consumer demand
WED12:004 Fuel Cycle, Sonos, Inc.From living spaces to workplaces: Sonos' community-led journey into commercial territory
WED1:301 Sago, Microsoft, M/A/R/C Research, Fossil Group2024 trends in research: Fact or fiction?
WED1:302Relative Insight, Connelly PartnersRun programs, not projects to really make an impact
WED1:303Stravito, RotaryGenerative AI: Expectations vs. reality
WED1:304IpsosThe 2024 election: What the will of the people says about the human condition and how brands can operationalize it
WED2:151ProQuo AIFrom passive observation to active prediction: ProQuo demonstrates how AI has transformed market research into a brand manager's ultimate sidekick
WED2:152Sodexo, Finch BrandsInsights that ignite – Principles and practices for moving your insights audience to action
WED2:153SightXNavigating tomorrow: How to effectively use generative AI for your insights operations
WED2:154Protobrand, ShellChanging a Brand Position Using Behavioral Science
WED3:001FaderFocusWide-open listening – Stop focusing on gathering data and let the consumer lead the conversation (Presentation Doc will be shared after New York event.)
WED3:002Kimberly-Clark CorporationPractical career advice for consumer insights professionals
WED3:003BehaviorallyFrom insights to impact: The power of AI and qualitative insights
WED3:004Key Lime InteractiveEquity and inclusivity in user experience research: A necessity, not a luxury
WED4:001Sysco Corporation, Inc.Centralizing insights in a decentralized global enterprise: Winning with global CX measurement
WED4:002The Art and Science of JoyGiving the gift of joy to consumers and research participants, as well as to yourself
WED4:003OvationMRUrban cycling: Behaviors and perceptions across the mobility ecosystem
WED4:004John Deere, Reach3 InsightsA new era: How John Deere is harvesting deeper insights with conversational, mobile-first communities
WED4:451Mindstate GroupBehavioral insights made actionable: The four behavioral science insights needed to solve any brand growth challenge
WED4:452 Curion, Simply Good Foods USA, Inc.What does branding taste like? Simply Good Foods explored their own ‘brand taste’ to uncover the consumer psychology behind this common-yet-strange effect
WED4:453COMARKA ResearchInclusive research: Unveiling the truths of Latino consumers
WED4:454M/A/R/C Research, SAGOLooking back and looking forward: Steve Schlesinger and Merrill Dubrow in conversation
THUR9:0011Q, ConairConsumer co-creation: How using real-time consumer feedback allowed Conair to launch a successful new product in five months
THUR9:002Serta Simmons Bedding, EbcoAwakening a sleepy category: Leveraging emerging signals and need states to inspire consumers to engage with a burden category
THUR9:004Research Innovation and ROI, Inc., Dairy Max, MoneyGram InternationalAligning with CXOs for insights that drive growth!
THUR9:451Church & DwightCross-functional integration of category and shopper insights for next-level impact
THUR9:452Reeve & AssociatesEverything has changed: Best practices for hiring and getting hired in the post-COVID era
THUR9:453Prodege, WaterpikUnveiling shopper desires: Targeting survey research based on verified shopping behaviors for more relevant, consumer-centric insights
THUR9:454Sekisui HouseNavigating the Great Respondent Revolt
THUR10:301quantilope, Organic ValleyUncovering the thread between personal and brand values: Connecting beliefs with behaviors
THUR10:302Zeldis ResearchAvoiding research limbo: How to keep your research from sitting on the shelf
THUR10:303Quest MindshareCreating a better B2B survey: Business professionals speak out
THUR10:304TolunaThe Roaring 20s, a New Era: Exploring the Ozempic impact, the influence of TikTok Shop and other 2024 trends
THUR11:151aytm, Vita CocoGot coconut milk? Exploring plant-based food trends with Vita-Coco
THUR11:152The Olinger Group, LoomisHow Gen Z live well with QSR: Building brand loyalty with the digital dining generation
THUR11:153MoneyGram InternationalEstablishing an international brand tracker and F1 sponsorship assessment
THUR11:154RadiusAI: The promise and threat for research
THUR12:001VisaBuilding brand trust with consumers in an uncertain world
THUR12:002Canvs AI, Fossil GroupReal-World AI in Action: How Fossil Group is Unlocking Empathy at Scale with High-Trust AI
THUR12:003Mahogany InsightsBridging the $300 billion divide: Mining the gaps with Black consumers
THUR12:004M/A/R/C Research, Dallas MavericksThriving through the unexpected: Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall on a career of listening and learning
THUR1:301Formula EHelping the (insight) novice stakeholder make insight-led decisions
THUR1:302Rep DataSurvey fraud and the 2024 presidential election
THUR1:303Hotspex, The Clarity WizardAgainst all odds: Shaping a future once thought impossible
THUR1:304Health Care Service CorporationFuturish: The science and art of identifying near-future trends
THUR2:151TransamericaQualitative data analysis: Using Braun and Clarke thematic analysis approach
THUR2:152Mary Kay Inc.Six most important steps to user persona development
THUR2:153CrowdDNAIt’s not about the product: How embracing culture turns customers from buyers to fans
THUR2:154Microsoft, Russell ResearchPartnering in research: Five essential elements of successful client/supplier partnerships
THUR3:002J.D. PowerNavigating the storm: Lessons from the insurance industry in fostering a customer-centric approach amidst a challenging scenario
THUR3:003Michaels Stores Inc.Michaels Built and powered with consumer insights
THUR3:004Hola InsightsBreaking barriers not bonds: Unveiling the dos and don’ts of marketing to Hispanics and effectively impacting your reach
THUR3:451The Wonderful CompanyReinventing brand health tracking at The Wonderful Company: A FIJI Water case study
THUR3:452KNow ResearchProviding ‘meat on the bones’: The value of qualitative research
THUR3:454Ipsos,  Arendt Consulting, PetlibroDoing more with less
The Quirks Event Dallas 2024 990
The Quirks Event Dallas 2024 990